blink frenzy

i picked dutch up from daycare yesterday and i noticed that he kept doing this weird blinking thing.
“yeah, he’s been doing that all day. watch him and make sure he’s okay,” eva the daycare provider said.
no. i’m planning on going home and ignoring him! of course i’m going to watch him, lady!!
as soon as we got in the car i asked, “dutch, do your eyes hurt?”
blink. blink. “no, mommy…”
“are you sure ‘cause you keep blinking and mommy just wants to make sure your eyes don’t hurt.”
blink. blink. “look mommy, truck!!” blink. nose scrunch. blink.
uhhhh. okay. he can see the truck so maybe that’s a good thing, right?
i looked in the rearview mirror and he just kept doing this blinking thing and all i could think of was the little kid from jerry maguire. you know, “did you know that that human head weighs 8 pounds?”
i mean, sure he was cute and all, but i don’t want that for my dutch. i mean, could all this blinking stuff really mean that something’s wrong with my child’s eyes? oh goodness, there he goes again. he’s blinking nonstop!!
i asked him about things that we were passing just to make sure he was seeing things okay.
“hey dutch, what are those kids doing over there?”
“play ball, mommy.”
okay good. but then i figured even if his vision was a little blurry he would probably be able to guess at that one.
so later on that evening after quite a few more blinks and nose scrunches he asked to watch “go, diego, go”. i popped in the dvd and then stood in the kitchen where i knew he’d be able to see me and i held up various objects.
i held up his monkey cup.
“hey dutch, what’s this?”
then i picked up a shoe.
“hey dutch, what about this? what’s this, buddy?”
then i found a smaller item. a matchbox car.
“hey dutch, and what’s this?”
uh-oh!! i wasn’t sure what to do. should i google “toddler blinks a lot”? or call his doctor (who he just saw last week for his check-up) and say, “hey doc, dutch sure has been doing a lot of blinking today. what do you think that could be?”
so i did the next best thing. i asked my best friend who just happens to work in dutch’s doctor’s office and she said, “well, you know the pollen and ragweed is pretty bad…”
oh, ragweed and pollen!! so he won’t have to wear silly goggles?


12 thoughts on “blink frenzy

  1. i’m leaning towards allergies. it’s definitely not pink eye. i think i blew in both of his eyes enough to release any nagging stray eyelashes. but oh yes, almost all of us wear glasses on my side of the family. oddly, we all needed them in our 20’s.

  2. Aww, I remember when my mom used to blow in my eye to get whatever was in there, out! Now, I just have to keep blinking and throwing water in there, hoping it gets clean. 🙂

  3. My daughter, 28 months, has been doing the same frequent blinking that you described for the last two days. The most comforting thing I’ve found online is that it may just be dryness as winter sets in and the heat starts being used more in the house. She also says it doesn’t hurt and her vision seems fine. She does it more at night and when watching tv. Did your childs blinking stop? Did you seek any treatment?

  4. My 2.5 year old son, Oliver, suddenly started doing the same thing yesterday. His, too, worsens when watching TV or looking at a screen of any sort. We are working overseas in a third world country, so I really have no one to take him to without flying to europe or back to the US. Could any of you tell me what you found out about this? Did it go away? Was it allergy related or did it have to do with dryness? I’m ready to buy a really over-priced ticket to fly back to the US around Christmas to get this looked at. I’m worried; I started wearing glasses at 8. Let me know what you all found out…or how the problem was resolved.

  5. Having the same blinking experience with our 3-year-old son for the past week or so. While in for a well visit, mentioned this thinking it was dry eyes due to bitter cold outdoors with dry heat indoors. The pediatrician seemed to think it was related to a virus he was treated for about a month ago…a “tic” that would most likely disappear within a month. Searched the web for this correlation, but found little. I still think it’s a dry eye issue. Took him off his allergy meds and pumped up the humidifiers. The blinking lessened and seems to occur more now when he’s tired, surrounded by bright light or watching a video before bedtime.

    Anyone else hear of this blinking/tic/virus connection?

  6. Hi My 3 year old has recently started blinking, again, it seems worse when shes watching tele. Hope to find comfort in others comments as I hate pestering doctors, especially ours whos answer to everything is a virus.

  7. My 25 month old daughter has been blinking often daily for the past 2 weeks. At first I was also worried, I was holding objects up and asking her questions. I am hoping it is just a stage. It seems that blinking is common in toddlers, I am assuming that my daughter has learned that her eyes open and close.

  8. My 3 year old has been doing this blinking thing too for the past 4 days. Interesting about the virus correlation. My son did recently have pink eye and I tried to put the antibiotics in his eyes (got a little in, but only did it once) and he was sick for a couple of weeks. Now, he is better, but has since started this blinking thing. I’ve done all the same things as you all noted above. I also called our pediatrician who told me to bring him in if it doesn’t go away in a few more days. I’m hoping its a phase too, like when he stuttered for a few weeks a while back.

  9. My 2 year old just started this blinking where he will shut his eyes tight about 2 times in a row. He does it all day but mostly when looking at someone, watching tv, or looking at a book. How long did it take before your kid stopped doing it?

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