it’s my birthday

it’s my birthday… it’s my birthday… get busy… it’s my birthday…

i don’t know about you but whenever a new birthday rolls around i tend to reminisce on allllllll the others.

i remember living room birthday parties when i was 6 and 7. living in s.e. plenty of friends and family. cake. bobbin’ for apples.

at 14 me and two best friends, shawn and michele, planned a big house party in michele’s basement to celebrate all of our october birthdays. we spent days and days making up a dance routine to utfo’s “ya cold wanna be with me”. ’cause you know, we had to make a “bumpin'” entrance…

two-toned guess jean jumpers. guess sweatshirts and fly hair-do’s. fresh white k-swiss tennis shoes… if you were living in the dc area in the 80’s then you know what i’m talking about.

we invited EVERYBODY in the neighborhood, all of our friends from school and cousins. we told all the cute dudes from around the way and a couple of ugly ones too ’cause you know, had to make sure the house was packed.

black lights and glow in the dark trouble funk go-go posters on the walls. loud music. ll cool j. salt ‘n pepa. doug e. fresh and the get fresh crew. chuck brown’s “run joe.”

talk about the good ol’ days…

when i turned 16 my pop took me to new york to see “cats”. i had been dreaming and dreaming and dreaming of going there and finally it happened. we had a blast. well, except i had some nasty, gooey lobster dinner at this fancy dancy restaurant we went to, but other than that it was good times.

21. college. i posted a sign outside of my dorm counting down the days to my 21st birthday. by the time it came everybody stopped by to wish me a happy birthday. all of my friends bought me a bottle of wine and signed it. i still have it.

ooooooooooo… my dirty 30 party was one of the best!! dc’s bar nun. everybody came out even a particular ex-boyfriend. who knew that in less than a year we’d be getting married.

yeah, you could sit around and feel all blah, blah, blah about getting a little older when your birthday comes around, but it’s best to remember all the good times and know that just being here is a blessing.

my birthday highlight today so far: dutch in his carseat this morning whispering “happy burtday to you… happy burtday to you…”


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