natalie cole and my 6th grade graduation

i just heard a song on the radio this morning that whewwwwwwww… took me waaaaaaaay back. it’s a song by natalie cole and every time i hear this song it kinda makes me cringe.

the song came into my life during my 6th grade year. in fact, our entire 6th grade class had to learn this song because we were singing it at our graduation ceremony. we also had to sing “we are the world” which i guess was a more fitting song, but at that time everybody was into “we are the world” and folks probably sang it at funerals. “we are the world…we are the future…” yeah, sounds like we’re moving onto bigger and better things, eh? we were ending our elementary school years and beginning years of remembering locker combinations and dealing with the fact that we no longer have recess.

“we are the world” was kinda of an uplifting/graduate-y kinda song.

but this natalie cole ditty? it just didn’t fit. i don’t know who chose this song for us to sing or why they thought it made one ounce of sense for us to sing it. perhaps they were in love at the time, i dunno, but it sure was a dumb choice.

so here it is:

our love

you’re my morning star, shining brightly beside me

and if we keep this love, it will last through all eternity

i told you it was dumb… who’s shining brightly beside me? the boy who reeks of urine eats boogers during class? yeah, okay.

just the way we are, i love it, love it

it’s the way it should be

what way were we? pimply faced 11-year-olds?

’cause our love, will stand as tall as the trees

our love will spread as wide as the seas

our love will shine bright in the night

like the stars above… and we’ll always be together

this is why my child isn’t attending school in prince george’s county, maryland, okay?

my love is surely one thing, you can surely depend on

in times of darkness and fear, i go to you

i know you’ll keep me strong

now maybe those lines don’t seem so creepy being sung by a bunch of sixth graders if you imagine it’s a gospel song.

you’re gonna make me happy, you’re gonna make me smile

’cause our love will stand as tall as the trees

our love will be for the whole world to see

our love will change people’s wrongs to right

and we’ll never die, ’cause we’ll always have each other

always. have. each. other. 6th grade. graduation. okay.

so to whoever chose “our love” for my 6th grade graduation song, thanks. i turn off natalie cole whenever i hear/see her.


3 thoughts on “natalie cole and my 6th grade graduation

  1. Ugh. I have a few songs like that. But one of my worst is, “She Works Hard for the Money”. I can’t even remember who sang it, but in my life it brings back memories of a particularly bad dance routine with lots of jazz hands. Yep, lots of jazz hands.

  2. I just want to say that MAYBE, just MAYBE, the person who picked that song was attempting for you all to be singing to your parents. I mean, that could be a bit of a stretch, but sometimes they do that at graduations. It’s more for the parents and grandparents than the students themselves. And wouldn’t you hope that your kids look at you in 6th grade with eternal love knowing you are the one they depend on??? So yeah…let’s hope THAT was the reason behind the song selection…

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