time for din din

that’s what my mother used to say when it was dinnertime. oh, blessed days of someone else having to stress over a meal. now it’s my turn and i get to hear:

“so what’s for dinner tonight?”

by my husband, edell.

truth of the matter is our options are quite limited. not only am i not the best cook in the whole wide world, but we’re such picky eaters and really only enjoy the basics. i’m talking about the serious up basics:

chicken (fried, baked, bbq’d or broiled. but only white meat. no thighs and drumsticks for my man.), steak, spaghetti (which my husband is growing quite tired of…), chili, stir fry (with chicken or beef)… things along those lines.

oh, dinner time is sad up in our house.

i like salmon. he doesn’t. he likes black eyed peas, green peas, and lima beans. i don’t. there are a lot of things that i don’t like (like anything with a weird texture: oatmeal, yogurt, pudding, jello, cream of wheat), but mr. edell doesn’t like BREAD, people. who the heck doesn’t like bread??

and he doesn’t like ketchup either. or watermelon. or homemade macaroni and cheese. or candied yams (which i love).

neither of us drink milk.

our pickiness has trickled right on down to dutch. he basically only likes rice, fried chicken, egg noodles, french fries… and that’s about it. maybe a hot dog here and there. sometimes he’ll eat broccoli or spinach. but not often enough. oh, and eggs. he really, really likes eggs.

he has pulled me out of my sleep at 2 a.m. with a “mama, i wan’ eggs…” request.

dutch also likes to chew on bacon like it’s some kind of tobacco. he forms one huge ball of it in his mouth and then carries it around in his mouth and sucks on it. he’ll eventually spit the mass out wherever he sees fit at the time, but that’s another story for another day.

i know my son’s eating habits aren’t the healthiest, but i have a child who is quick to take one look at his food and say: “i don’t wan’ it, mama…” and being the stubborn little thing that he is (another bad thing he got from me), he’ll totally refuse to eat.

when this pickiness first came to light around his first birthday i tried everything. i’d offer up 3 or 4 different choices and sometimes he’d choose one, most of the time he wouldn’t.

i can’t sneak bread on my husband’s plate, but i do try to sneak foods in with dutch. like vegetables. he likes spaghetti so i toss veggies into the sauce and he used to just lap it up. not anymore. oh no, he’s gotten wise in his 2 years. dutch will sit there and pick out every single last vegetable that’s in the bowl and just eat the noodles. ’cause he likes noodles and who wants to be bothered by some old tired veggies?

drives me NUTS!

i told dutch’s doctor about his wacky eating habits and she offered a few reasons like growth spurt or teething (he has a full set now so that’s not even an option) or just the fact that toddlers can eat a small amount for several days and then eat really well for the next several days and somehow it all evens out. then she calmly said, “well, if he’s hungry he’ll eat. and if he wants to go bed without dinner then that’s okay.”

oh, i thought she was insane. i love dutch’s doctor, i do, but dang, she was coming off as the cruelest person ever. who the heck sends their toddler to bed without dinner? well, i’ve learned a thing or two in a year, honey. and forcing food on a kid is something you just can not do.

example: i made spaghetti for dinner last night and i tried three times to get him to eat until finally he said, “no, thank you, mama…”

i’m running out of options, people. i have about 10 or more cookbooks, but there are only a few items (okay, maybe 1) that me and my husband would both like. and get this, he doesn’t even like for me to use cookbooks. he always says, “that’s for people who can’t cook…”

ummmmmmmm… hello, dear!! that would be ME!!

for some strange reason he believes i should be able to pull these recipes outta my butt, but it doesn’t work like that. he also finds it funny that i measure EVERYTHING and that i use a timer. well, guess what? i can’t look at a seasoning and just determine how much a teaspoon is. sorry. that’s not my talent. and in the days before the timer, i burned plenty a meals. so he should be happy, right?

so anyway, dinner usually goes like this:

pick a meat we like.

pick a veggie we like.

pick a starch we like.

and say grace.

sad, i know.


5 thoughts on “time for din din

  1. I’ve heard Deceptively Delicious is an awesome cookbook for mothers who can’t get their kids to eat jack-diddly. The jist of it is this: puree veggies and sneak the puree in to kid favorites like mac ‘n cheese and chicken nuggets. They don’t even realize they’re eating cauliflower. The author provides a bunch of recipes, so you should be all set getting Dutch to eat. I might as well sell this book, I’ve recommended it to all of my friends and I don’t even have a kiddo! How crazy is that?

    check out the reviews on amazon:

    …as for the hubby, I say he’s on his own honey! 🙂

  2. OK, take it or leave it, but I use these things for my picky eaters, including the husband.
    Fruit and Vegetable Pills
    You can empty the contents ( a powder) into anything! Food, drink, pancakes, anything! Hubby can take them as a pill.

    As far as dinner ideas, he is nuts to think you don’t need instructions and tools! And we prepare our dinner the same way: choose meat, choose veggy…lots of people do.
    My daughter has been this way all her life. She is 5 now and for years we noticed she had eating days and non-eating days. We filled her up with whatever she would agree to eat, and added in the powder so she got some good stuff too. It was hard.

  3. Oh. This sounds like us… but with different picky preferences. 1 – toddler who will eat half a chicken nugget per meal and still manages to way 40lbs, 1 – hubby who will eat bread, potatos, milk, mac & cheese, steak, and not much else, and 1 – ME, who longs for indian, ethiopian, japanese, thai, greek, middle eastern and all sorts of exotic food, but who, on a regular daily basis, is happy with chicken or fish, raw veggies and rice. None of which my husband or kid will eat. Hmph.

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