you know, you remind me of…

all throughout my life people have said, “you know, you remind me of…”

or, “did anybody ever tell you you favor…”

or, “hey, is your name lisa ’cause i had a friend named lisa in the 2nd grade and you look…”

i even had a guy (who was really popular in the dc area at the time because he played in a popular go-go band) try to hit on me and when he realized i wasn’t trying to give him any play he said, “you know, you look just like my wife.”

i really didn’t know how to respond to that one.

apparently i favor quite a few different folks. or so some seem to think.

the first time i remember someone saying that i looked like someone famous was in the 3rd grade. i was sitting on the floor (i guess it was reading time or something. i don’t really recall whyi was on the floor) and a visitor came to our classroom. she was talking to my teacher when all of a sudden her eyes locked with mine and she said, “she looks just like brooke shields!”

brooke shields?!

maybe it was because we both had thick, caterpillar-like eyebrows and long dark brown hair. that’s about all i had in common with brooke.

“a different world” first aired in 1987 and everybody, i mean, everybodytold me i looked like jasmine guy. it didn’t help that i later dated a slim, brown-skinned brother who kinda favored dwayne wayne a little bit.

in 1991 it was prom time and i told my hairdresser i wanted an up-do. after she was done she said, “ooooooooooo… you look like julia roberts in pretty woman. and everybody in the salon seemed to agree with her.

ummmmmm… she was a ho in that movie, but thanks!

at one point i stopped straightening my hair and i just went natural with it. my hair was (and still is) a mass of curly craziness. it was right around the time that mariah carey came out. you guessed it, “you look like mariah!!” i really didn’t. we both just happened to be rockin’ the same wild locks.

when eddie murphy married nicole in 1997 it was, “you know, you look just like nicole murphy…” i’m assuming that’s because we both had really short hair (i chopped just about all of mine off while in college in nyc), were on the thin side and basically have the same complexion. but that comparison was a bit scary to me because everyone i knew said that she really looked like a man.

great! what were folks really trying to say here?

the craziest comparison was to cameron diaz. this is when i knew that people were really reaching because we absolutely do not resemble each other at all. but when there’s something about mary came out i had more than one person tell me that i reminded them of her.

really? cameron?maybe it was because she was goofy in the film and i’m kinda goofy every day. or every other day at least.

then alicia keys dropped her first album and because we rocked the same style hat it was, “you know, you look a lot like alicia keys.” no, actually, we’re both biracial and have good taste in hats. that’s about it.

trust me, we look nothing alike. i think alicia keys is a beautiful woman, but we don’t favor one bit. we might share the same skin tone, but that’s about it.

i’ve had countless people come up to me over the years and tell me that i look “just like” their cousin or best friend or wife or girlfriend or husband’s cousin’s best friend’s babymama.

just when i thought that i was unique, come to find out this face is everywhere!

so who do people say you look like? c’mon fess up. i’m sure you’ve heard it a million times too.


10 thoughts on “you know, you remind me of…

  1. I get Joy Bryant (from Antwone Fisher). No I don’t really look like her at all but I’ll take it cuz she’s pretty!

    Ironically, my 8th grade English teacher told me I reminded her of Julia Roberts. I suppose she meant, I would look like her if Julia were…black and 20 years younger.

  2. Hey, we all have that Julia Robert’s thing in common, because a few guys commented that I look like her. Probably cos I have a similar smile or something. But I think I’m so shy/quiet (may read: unfriendly) in person that people don’t make that sort of chitty-chat with me these days. hee hee.

  3. People used to tell me I look like Andie MacDowell. I’ve never quite figured that out because we look NOTHING alike. Well, except for the brown hair… along with the other billions of people with brown hair, of course. 😉

  4. when i was a kid EVERYONE said i looked like “Rudy” from The Cosby Show – not Keisha Knight Pulliam, but Rudy.
    when i began locking my hair (the first time around) in 1999, people swore i looked like Lauryn Hill. i could see why because i had locks and dark rimmed glasses, and we are both brown skinned. but we really didn’t look alike – we were just 2 brown people sporting locks and glasses.

  5. my husband swears i look like a dark brown rosario dawson or angelina jolie(pre-super stardom days). in high school people used to tell me i looked like a ghetto version of naomi campbell(wow thanks?)

  6. I got Mariah Carey since she hit the scene with Vision of Love. It wasn’t until years later that I realized I could be a professional lookalike and do good things with my resemblance..Your story is awesome!

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