it’s potty time, whoa, it’s potty time!!!

saturday morning i heard those lovely words i had been longing to hear from my 2-year-old son dutch:

“mama, i wan’ go battroom…”

at first i wasn’t sure i had heard him right. you know, i thought maybe he wanted to go to the bathroom for some other reason like to brush his teeth or to wash his matchbox cars in the sink or to open bottles of lotion (or baby wash) and slather himself silly with it or to turn on the radio and dance for a while because hey, he’s that kind of kid. you just never know with a 2-year-old. so i asked:

“you wanna go potty, dutch?”

and he said, “yes!”

yes! yes! yes! woohooo!! yeah, baby, we’ll be kissing those pampers and huggies good-bye in no time!!

so although there were no actual results after this potty run, i was oh-so-happy that he at least asked because so far he hasn’t been too interested in sitting on the potty to do much of anything. sure he likes to stand on the potty (it’s also a step stool) and yes, he likes to place blocks and cars in the poop bowl of the potty, but he hasn’t shown any real interest in the thing since i bought it three or so months ago.

i came to the conclusion that he just wasn’t ready and like i’ve said before, i’m sure he’ll be out of diapers by the time he’s 15, so really, what’s there to stress about?

it was suggested recently by a friend that we show him that he can stand while he does his little number 1 business so when i came across this one particular product i just laughed for about five minutes straight. really. i laughed for about five minutes straight. it’s called the peter potty.



that’s right ladies and gentlemen, it’s a baby urinal. now why didn’t i think of this first? maybe because i know nothing of molding plastic together to form such a thing. and of course, as my pop mentioned, it only solves half of the problem, but it’s so darn cute. well, as cute as a piece of potty equipment can be, you know?

for $49.95 your boy can stand just like daddy!! not that daddy has a urinal in the bathroom (or does he??). or for free you can just have your youngster stand on his potty/step stool and have a go at the toilet.


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