it’s thanksgiving eve and everyone’s posting about what they’re thankful for. personally, i thank God everyday for the things He’s done for me and my family. just when you seem to think there’s no way, He steps right in to make a way! so thank you Jesus for keeping my family safe, healthy and mostly of sound mind.

that was the serious stuff, now onto the fun stuff. i’ve compiled a little list of things that i’m thankful for (in no particular order except for number 1, of course). so here goes, i’m thankful:

  1. for my family: my husband edell, my son dutch, my stepson j-rock, my mama, my pop, my s-mom, my grandma and the list goes on and on and on. i could chat a bit about how nutty some of my family members are, about the bits of drama that go on from time to time, but i won’t ’cause hey, it’s thanksgiving eve so i’m being nice. i love them all.
  2. that comcast has “go diego go” on demand. dutch lost his “go diego go” dvd and, geez louise, i got tired of trying to explain to that child that we couldn’t watch it because he lost it. so thank you, comcast, even though i’m paying out the booty for your expensive services. maybe i should thank myself here.
  3. that even though my check engine light is on in my car it’s not because there’s anything really wrong with my engine (i’ve had it checked twice), it’s just that the stupid light won’t go off. woohoo, no engine repairs!
  4. that my husband edellizzle has taken on the task of getting dutch dressed in the morning. this saves me loads of time. i no longer have to rush out of the door like a madwoman every morning because i’ve spent several minutes chasing dutch around trying to get his right sock on. so thank you, edellizzle! love to love ya, babes.
  5. for my great circle of girlfriends. they’re all wacky and fly and beautiful, strong women. maybe i’ll introduce you to them one day if they let me. last month i celebrated my birthday with a brunch and i invited 10 of them to come hang with me at sequioa restaurant in georgetown. i was just so happy to be among such great and oh-so-kooky chicklets. can i just mention here that they were all late? yep, every last one of them. that’s what happens when you invite 10 black women to brunch.
  6. that i’m too broke right now to be bothered with black friday. i’d really hate to have to set it off up in target the day after thanksgiving because of all of the pushing and shoving i hear that goes on during those early morning shopping trips.
  7. for bertolli frozen meals. oh, they make dinner such a snap!
  8. that during my pregnancy my feet didn’t go up an entire shoe size. (i’ve heard that happens, you know?) that means i can still wear all of my boots from three seasons ago and not have to worry about getting an entirely new shoe wardrobe.
  9. that some people actually read this blog. i mean, i’d write it anyway even if no one read the darn thing ’cause that’s just how i get down, but it’s nice to know that some people actually dig da mama, you know? so heyyyyyyyyyyyy, i see you and i appreciate you!
  10. that my pop doesn’t mind sitting in his parked car for an hour while letting dutch “drive.” it provides great bonding time for the two of them and dutch knows that he won’t get to do that at home. he asks to “drive” all of the time and i’m a bit worried that if he’s is doing this at 2 years old, what can we expect at 18? but anyhoo, thanks, pop!
  11. that vh-1 and bet often play repeats so i don’t ever have to worry about missing some of my favorite reality shows like “i love new york,” “the salt ‘n pepa show,” irv gotti’s “gotti way,” and keyshia cole’s “the way it is.” i’m addicted. it’s sad. i know.
  12. that the plants i own somehow continue to live even when i go weeks and weeks (and weeks and weeks…) without watering them.
  13. that i found this cool shoe store for kids called olly. do you know how hard it is to find cool kicks for a toddler boy? oh, they have a grand selection for girls, but a lot of places carry crap for boys. sorry, i can’t do the thomas the tank engine tennis shoes that light up. uh-uh, no way. not for my boy.
  14. that dutch is able to tell me when he’s hurt himself and he’s not just crying and crying leaving me to figure out what’s wrong. if we could only get him out of referring to himself in the third person: “mama, dutch arm hurt,” “mama, dutch hit head,” “mama, dutch knee hurt, hit onna table,” “mama, dutch fell and bust a lip.” don’t worry he only had a busted lip once, but he thinks that every time someone falls they’ve busted their lip. whenever we watch “america’s funniest home videos” it’s “mama, you see, he fell and bust a lip!!” yeah, i know, honey.
  15. that other family members are doing the cooking tomorrow. i’ll be there with glad plasticware in hand.

2 thoughts on “oh-so-thankful

  1. Oh my! I so hear you about the “Go, Diego, Go” thing! I would catch hell if we lost our son’s DVD’s of his favorite shows, and he is almost 8! At least we’ve reaped many benefits from his watching shows like that, Dora, Zoobamafo on PBS, I believe, and Stanley on the Disney channel, for he is positively obsessed with animals and can recite so many facts about them it boggles the mind. What’s even cooler is that we can lead him into reading through books on animals or dinosaurs. Your son is off to a good start there.

    My son was the first grandchild, and happily a boy, thrilling his grandpop. I was so sick the first couple of years of his life that he spent most of his time at my in-laws, so pappy got quality time with him before he died a few years later. That time sitting there in the car “bonding” is wonderful for both of them, I’m sure!

    I loved this slice of your life! I’m a white almost 37 year old grad student in English, so we may be quite different, but I loved seeing what we had in common and reading your writing style–it’s like I can hear you speak the words you wrote. I love listening to black women talk, especially in the dining hall at school, for they are incredibly bold and self-assured and have a zest for life! At least the ladies I see at school, anyway. It’s a little hard to study around them, but when I’m not trying to concentrate I love to just sit back and watch them emote. Beautiful! I wish I could have been there for that brunch!

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