order in the tub

apparently we eat out far too much because my 2-year-old son is now playing waiter. or maybe i should just be happy that he has a great imagination. haven’t decided which yet.

anyway, i recently gave dutch a bath. anyone who has a toddler can probably relate to how bath time is usually more about keeping the floor dry from all of the splashing around and trying to keep the child still long enough to get some soap and a washcloth on his little body for a quick second than him actually “having a bath.” it should really be called taking a trip to the at-home waterpark instead of bathing. at least in my house anyway.

so dutch was doing his usual thing, you know, stomping around in the tub and drenching me with sudsy water, playing with his foam letters and sticking them onto the wall and drawing pictures (large circles and wiggly lines mostly) on the tiles with his bath crayons when he came up with a great idea. he grabbed the letter “A” and started to write on it. and then he said…

dutch: you wan’ fench fy? [you know, french fries…]

mama: sure, i’ll take some french fries.

dutch: [begins scribbling with his green crayon onto the letter “A”] you wan’ hot dog?

mama: uh huh, give me a hot dog too.

dutch: [more scribbling…] you wan’ apple?

mama: yes, i want three apples.

dutch: [looks confused because i said “three” but goes on to scribble anyway.] you wan’ banana?

mama: yes please, and can i have some ice cream?

dutch: oh, ice cream truck? [for some reason he thinks ice cream truck is ice cream. yeah, we’re working on that.]

mama: yes dutch, ice cream.

dutch: [more scribbling.] okay.

mama: and can i have a drink?

dutch: you wan’ drink, mama? [more scribbling.]

mama: yes. so you’re taking my order?

dutch: [about to scribble more but then he starts to look confused at the word “order” and says…] you wan’ water? okay. [starts to scribble my water order.]

just like a waiter to screw up my order.

7 thoughts on “order in the tub

  1. hahaha
    My 2-year-old brings me play food. When I start to pretend to eat it he rips it out of my mouth, running to get different food.
    What is it with men and stealing my satisfaction prematurely? rlol

  2. My little girl does that too. I know we ate out way too much, when she would ask if we wanted one or two sake cups. LOL…enjoy it…you’ll be amazed at what they observe over dinner. When she plays waiter, only I can have a salad and daddy can only have French fries as a side. She gets mad when we don’t order beer or wine.

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