the reckless driver?

going 20 miles over the speed limit in the state of virginia can land your butt in jail.

did you know that?

yes indeedy. say you’re going 75 on 495 (aka the beltway) and the speed limit is 55, you face a class one misdemeanor criminal charge which is punishable by up to 12 months in jail, up to a $2,500 fine and a suspended driver’s license for up to 6 months.

oh, they are not playing in v.a.

which brings me to yesterday’s drama. my husband edell was caught speeding on his way to work back in march. when he first told me i thought, no big deal. right? wouldn’t most people think that? i figured we’d pay a ticket and be on our merry little way.

oh, silly, naive me.

edell has been back and forth to court quite a few times over the past several months trying to resolve this whole reckless speeding issue. one judge wanted him to spend 10 days in jail. for speeding, people. 10 days in jail.

there was no accident, he wasn’t racing anyone, no one was maimed or killed. he was just speeding.

okay, so i know that people are injured every day in car accidents from people driving above the speed limit. but who the heck doesn’t speed? if you’ve ever driven on the beltway in the dc metropolitan area then you know that you have to speed or else you will get crumpled on the road.

so yesterday we (my husband, my pop and stepmother, my mother-in-law, and my brother-in-law) sat in court waiting for my husband’s case to be called. for speeding. oh yeah, we roll pretty deep, by the way. and we listened to other cases go up:

the first lady was in court because she worked in a doctor’s office and was stealing the identities of the patients. this chick went out and got a nordstrom’s credit card in some woman’s name and was caught. the accused was from another country so now she faces jail time and the possibility of being deported.

and we’re here for speeding?

then there was the first ignoramus who ran into target and stole a dyson vacuum cleaner (you know, the one that doesn’t lose suction?). the bama ran out of the store with the thing!! did he really think he could get away with running out of target with a vacuum cleaner? apparently so. and now he faces a felony charge because the vacuum was valued at over $200.

and we’re here for speeding?

then there was another ignoramus who broke into a humane society office and stole money (i think they said $5,000) from a file cabinet. he left a glove in the bathroom. a glove, people. i guess he thought if o.j. could get away with leaving a glove behind, he could too. well, not so. felony charge for him too.

and we’re here for speeding?

then the silly 22-year-old chick who was pulled over for speeding and after a police officer asked her what was in the seat next to her she said, “oh, i guess it’s meth!” okayyyyyyyy… i think she was high right there in court. her boyfriend too.

and we’re here for speeding?

and let’s not forget mr. hustleman. this dilly guy was caught selling weed, oxycotin and esctasy. only it wasn’t the real thing. this dummy was making fake drugs and trying to pass them off as the real thing…to a cop!! so yep, now he faces felony drug charges for selling fake drugs. he should’ve been more concerned about one of his customers trying to knock his butt off for selling them fake stuff.

so finally our case was up. for speeding. my husband decided to go with a jury to decide his sentence since clearly past judges felt jail time was necessary. so we went through the whole jury selection process, swearing in witnesses, and the whole nine.

can i just say that there’s nothing like standing by your man and testifying as a character witness for him? honey, it doesn’t get much deeper than that. unless you like donate a kidney to him or something.

but anyway, so here i am feeling like that chick from common’s “testify” video singing “before you lock my love away…” (yeah, i know, in the video the chick was setting her man up, but still…) and i’m telling the lawyer, the judge, the jury and every one else there listening that yes, my husband is a sensible driver. and yes, he drives like the average citizen. and no, i never fear for my life while i’m in the car with him.

finally the jury came back and yes, he indeed is guilty of reckless driving and that was kind of a no brainer because my husband had already said he was going about 80-85. the officer who pulled him over said that he paced him at 99. paced. not clocked on a radar. he paced him. but that’s neither here nor there because anything over 20 miles over is reckless.

so anyway… yes, he’s guiltly of reckless driving. and no, he doesn’t deserve jail (thank you, Jesus!), but yeah, he can go ahead and pay this hefty fine of $1,500. now his license is suspended, but restricted which means he can still drive to work and pick up our son from daycare.

so the lesson here is: don’t speed in v.a. it may pain you to drive 55 or even 60, but hey, in the long run it is well worth the trouble.


7 thoughts on “the reckless driver?

  1. holy cow!! I’m glad there’s not jail time. But…wow! Isn’t VA also the state that doesn’t allow radar detectors? I learned that anything over 10 MPH rule early on (thanks dad), so I always try to either keep up with traffic or make sure I only go about 9 MPH over. So sad, I know.

  2. oh yes, i know about the v.a. po-po. i drive the speed limit when i have to venture into virginia territory.

    “bama” i haven’t heard that word since i lived in DC 🙂

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