the nephew

last weekend my sis-in-law went out of town to celebrate her big 23rd birthday and instead of living la vida loca and joining the party train, we were penciled in to babysit our nephew kody. i think this whole plan was my husband’s suggestion and for some odd reason he really, really seemed excited about the whole thing.

i wasn’t feeling the same type of sunshiney anticipation.

it’s not that i don’t think the nephew is cute and all, he is. he really is, but i knew that there would be lots of drama in my household between the nephew and dutch. lots. for starters, dutch is so bossy and since kody is so much smaller than him, he makes good material for dutch. and my son is relentless. whenever those two are in a room together it never fails, dutch is fussing and fussing at him and poor kody is just trying to get in where he can fit in. dutch yells for him to go to time out and poor kody just keeps coming back for more. and dutch has been known to swing on kody a time or two too. i know, i know, but what can i say? dutch is working out some kind of toddler aggression on poor kody. with all this in mind, i braced myself for a wild weekend and expected the worse.

friday my husband reminded dutch that kody would be over that evening and dutch was way excited about kody’s impending visit. all he talked about on the way to daycare was kody, kody, kody… i started to feel like i was the sour puss of the bunch and raining on the “we’re having kody over for the weekend” parade, but by this point dutch was already hacking like an 84-year-old guy because of his cold and i just knew the mix of kody, dutch’s cold and having my stepson over for the weekend would make for a very interesting mix. for one, we’re not working with much space here, but that’s another story.

see, kody’s only a few months old. don’t ask how many months old ’cause i’m not sure, but he’s definitely not a year yet. and anyway, you know how the youngin’s get. they have all kinds of energy, they just go and go and go, and they rarely wanna stick to any kind of real schedule. and just like i thought that daggone kody drove me nuts as soon as he got to our place. he was just so freakin’ needy!! i mean, really, who knew he could be soooooo needy?! and every time i turned around he was right under my feet. i didn’t step on him (thank goodness!), but geez louise, he almost caused me trip over him more than once. and not only that, dutch would not leave him alone. he was in kody’s face the whole time (just like i knew he’d be), filling kody’s space with germy essences, and then to make matters worse kody would not go to sleep. at all.

i got up several times during the night to get medicine and juice for dutch and could not help but notice that kody was like some kind of energizer bunny on crack. it was like, c’mon!! give me a break!! go to sleep!! around 3 a.m. he was still hyper and acting like it was noon! it was then that edellizille said, “if i would’ve known it would be like this, i would’ve left his little butt at home and just came by to check on him.”

my thoughts exactly.

the next morning kody was still up, wanting to play. i thought, are you kidding me?? i don’t think he slept a wink at all and i just knew he had to be dead tired by now, but he sure wasn’t acting like it. my mother told me to just leave him alone in a quiet room and maybe then he’d just drift off to sleep. she said, “you’ve gotta make sure he gets some sleep because if not he’ll have a heart attack just from being so hyper.”

amazingly by sunday we had all fallen into a routine with kody. he was finally getting proper rest and dutch wasn’t fussing at him as much. what can i say? the kid was growing on me. i even had the wonderful idea of getting some pictures of him before my husband left to take him home. we tried several times to get him to sit in dutch’s small leather chair for a picture, but kody just wasn’t having that. then just when we had stopped paying attention, i noticed that he had gone over to the chair and got up in the seat all by himself.

ain’t he just the cutest little thing ever??



you just gotta love him!



i can’t wait till it’s my sis-in-law’s turn to babysit ’cause you know what they say…pay back’s a mutha!! haha!




4 thoughts on “the nephew

  1. Lol great story! Kody sounded a lot like one of my sons until I got to his picture 🙂 Dutch is cute even with his super blue tongue (why do they get so excited with colored tongues?)

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