morning french fries

it amazes me how toddlers process information…or don’t. and it also amazes me how they assume that when they want something, no matter what it is, that it will just magically appear. perhaps that’s because that’s the way it’s been their entire little lives so far.

i cry. i get a bottle.

i’m wet. i get changed.

i cry more. i get food.

but there comes a time when you simply can’t fulfill every request because well, in the real world (you know, the one outside of the toddler world), things just don’t work like that. for instance, this morning dutch wanted eggs. well, the eggs in our fridge had expired so i told him we didn’t have any and that he’d have to eat something else. naturally, my response to his request didn’t go over so well and back and forth we went…

dutch: i want eggs!

mama: we don’t have any, dutch.

dutch: i want eggs!!

mama: we don’t have any…

dutch: [progressively getting whinier and whinier by the minute] i want eggggggggggggggggggggs!!

then i thought of a solution! we’ll stop at mc’donald’s (i know, i know…) and pick up one of their egg platter doo-hickey’s on the way to daycare! yayyyyyyyyyyy! for mama!

only to dutch mcdonald’s = french fries. not eggs.

so after we pulled away from the drive-thru window the crazy requests started all over again:

dutch: i want my french fries!

mama: they don’t serve french fries in the morning, dutch. only hash browns. and i got you some eggs!! remember you said you wanted eggs before we left the house?

so i handed him the hash brown.

dutch: what’s this, mama?

mama: it’s a hash brown. you know, it’s sorta like one big french fry! taste it, i’m sure you’ll love it.

he took a bite and there for a while it seemed like we would have a peaceful ride. then i noticed that he was getting down to the paper packaging of the hash brown so i grabbed it, took a bite, and then pulled it out of the paper. you know, for easier access. i handed it back to him and he said…

dutch: why you bite it, mama?

mama: what? i can’t have any?

dutch: i don’t want it. i want my french fry!!


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