first report card at daycare

this morning was my first parent/daycare provider conference with dutch’s provider eva. you know, it’s sorta like a parent/teacher conference at school only we discussed how much of his lunch he eats, whether or not he stays seated during story time and if he digs in his diaper a lot during the day.

my genius son received glowing reports on how smart he is.

“he picks up things really quickly.”

“he’s my little helper.”

“he’s talking so much.”

and then came the…well, not so good stuff like how dutch likes to hit the other children from time to time and how he likes to boss them around, and of course he wants what he wants when he wants it. and yes, i’m sure most 2-year-olds are a bit like this, but for some reason it just seems like my child takes it to an entirely new level.

for instance, last night i was watching television and dutch said, “i want juice, mama. give me my juice.” i’ve told him time and time again to ask politely and say, “may i have some juice, please?” but he’s stubborn and he likes to do things his way. so next he grabbed my chin and turned my face towards his and said, “look at me, look at me! i want juice, mama!”

hmmmmmm… this could be a problem, no?

especially when after the other day i told him he couldn’t play with a toy while we were trying to get dressed to leave and he told me that he was going to beat me up. imagine that. a three-foot tall 2-year-old (not even two and a half, people!) said he was going to beat me up. and that wasn’t enough!! he made a song about it!

wanna hear it? here it goes:

“i’mma beat you up, baby… i’mma beat you, baby…”

i have no idea where my child gets this stuff from, but i do know that he has an active imagination (already) and that his playing with his 12-year-old big brother gets a little too physical sometimes which is why i believe he thinks that hitting is okay. as a matter of fact, he usually injures his big brother at least one good time every time my step-son is over to visit. we all kinda laugh it off when it’s happening, but my husband and i are realizing that that’s probably the root of our little problemo. especially now that dutch is coming home from daycare naming all of the kids he’s hit during the day.

“mama, i hit sarah.”

“mama, i hit sasha.”

“mama, i hit marquis.”

who knew a toddler could show such aggression?

he’s not seriously hurting kids at daycare, don’t get me wrong. although there was that one time that he hit the eva’s 4-year-old in the head with a cup and caused a big knot that swole up pretty quickly. but it was just that one time. mostly there’s just a lick here and there or a shove, but we know we have to get this under control. and get it under control now.

a girlfriend of mine has a son who’s two months older than dutch and he’s going through this hitting phase too. maybe we should just let them duke it out!! you know, get little boxing gloves and show it on pay-per-view. we’d make a killing! i could just see it now…


3 thoughts on “first report card at daycare

  1. he grabbed my chin and turned my face towards his and said, “look at me, look at me! i want juice, mama!”

    Fiona did the same thing a few times… turning my face so that she’s certain I’m giving her 100% attention. She turned 2 in Sept.

    You think they learn this from us? 😛

  2. oh my! I think I’d be thoroughly intimidated and run for cover.

    I’m sure it’s just a wee phase. It’s frustrating when you want things and everyone says no. And you’re short and helpless!

  3. jennic, dutch turned 2 in september too! and yes, he always seems to want 100% attention and then ignores me when i tell him to do something. ain’t that something?

    kitty, short and helpless!! that made me crack up!!

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