kindred the family soul welcomes twins!


congratulations to my cousins, aja and fatin, on the birth of their twins!! already the proud parents of three, the couple recently welcomed two baby girls into their family.

in case you didn’t know, aja and fatin are a husband and wife soul music duo also known as kindred the family soul. these philly artists represent to me what good music is all about. great lyrics, slammin’ beats. oh, they’ve got it. we’re talking talent out the ying yang here. none of that fluffy stuff with wack lyrics and folks who can’t hold a note. and i’m not just saying that because they’re my family, every person i know who has seen them live on stage has been in awe of their performance. the chemistry that aja and fatin have is simply beautiful. and awesome. and electric… it’s no mystery why their song “stars” has been popular at weddings. it’s good stuff.

go ahead, run out, buy their two cd’s surrender to love and in this life together. you’ll be happy that you did. trust me.



also, check out kindred’s myspace page to get a feel for what they’re all about and you read their story at hidden beach media.





One thought on “kindred the family soul welcomes twins!

  1. i love their voices. i haven’t bought an album in a while. but now that i have some dinero i’ll be purchasing some new music for my collection. i guess Kindred the Family Soul is a good place to start.

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

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