dutch adventures

the cool thing about the Christmas/New Year’s season is getting days off from work. and naturally for dutch, that means time off from daycare too. lots of time off from daycare. spending lots of full days with a 2-year-old can leave one…well, a bit nut-so.

saturday evening we went over to wal-mart. wal-mart is one of my least favorite stores, but since they have clear boxes that make easy and neat storage for shoes at a whopping 97 cents, it just made sense to go. dutch acted his usual nutball self, you know, not wanting to sit in the cart, screaming and ruining folks’ wal-mart shopping experience, etc., etc.

oh, but he really showed his tail at our next stop.

next up, giant food store. you know those car attachments that many grocery stores have attached to their shopping carts in order to keep small kids entertained while you shop? genius idea, right? well, something tells me that the makers of those carts never actually tried to push a child in one of those things. first of all, they’re pretty tough to maneuver because they’re just too daggone big. then tack on the fact that my child was wearing a big, puffy coat which made it impossible to fasten the seat belt in the thing. so he was all loosey, goosey in the seat and had waaaaay too much freedom.

i knew it was going to be an interesting shopping experience.

so i’m checking out the meat section and dutch is grabbing chicken gizzards and placing them neatly beside him in the car, but i didn’t notice this until we were waaaaaaay past the chicken gizzard section. all i can say is thank goodness for purell.

then dutch jumped out of the car oh, about 5 million times while i was pushing the thing. my shoes had absolutely no grip on the bottom so as i’m pushing the cart and dutch is flying out like super toddler or something, i’m trying to stop the cart, but instead i’m sliding down the aisle with dutch mid-air. it was quite a sight, i’m sure.

i remembered that i had a starbucks gift card on me and since giant has a starbucks in the store i figured i’d indulge. so i’m standing in line waiting to order my caramel machiatto when dutch gets out of the car and decides to slide around on the floor. on the floor, people! i was so freakin’ grossed out. i said, “dutch, what are you doing?!!” he answered, “i’m a snake, mama!” like i said before, thanks for purell.

turns out that ordering a hot, steamy caramel machiatto while pushing a very hard to maneuver car cart thingy (with no cupholders, mind you) with a nutball 2-year-old bouncing around in it was not such a good idea.

i think that all of the workers at giant and all of the shoppers were pretty glad to see us leave because i know i said, “stop, dutch,” “put that down, dutch,” “get back in the car, dutch,” and “dutch, stop hanging your head out of the car or you’ll knock yourself into a coma on a super large can of pork ‘n beans” way too many times.

sunday was full of exciting moments as well. we visited several family members and then came home so that i could cook dinner. can i just say that we over did it in the toy department for Christmas? dutch has waaaaaaaaay too much stuff now, but i noticed that when my mom comes over to watch dutch she has a play with one toy at a time rule so i figured i’d give that a whirl to try to make my life simpler.

so last evening dutch had his million matchbox car collection spread all over the floor and was heading towards the million piece lincoln log collection when i said, “dutch, you need to put these cars away first before you play with the lincoln logs.”

dutch: i don’t want to.

mama: well then you can’t play with the lincoln logs.

dutch: i don’t want to clean up. [proceeding to head for the million piece lincoln log collection.]

mama: if you don’t put the cars away first you’re going to sit in time out.

dutch: [thinks for a minute.]

mama: let’s put the cars away now.

dutch: i’m ready to go in time out now. [moves towards his time out chair.]

and then i’m left picking up the million car collection.


4 thoughts on “dutch adventures

  1. I thought the time out chair was the worst thing to happen to a kiddo of two years old? Oh dear. 🙂

    Happy 2008 Mama! Are you gonna join up at Blog365? I’m doin’ it man… must be my inner crazy taking charge.

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