he’s a wee obsessed with chuck e. cheese’s

we went to pick up my stepson early this morning so that he could stay the weekend with us and on our way home dutch came up with the greatest idea for you know, a 2-year-old. i mean, think about it, if you were 2 how would you like to spend your saturday? oh yeah, baby, you guessed it:

dutch: i wan’ go chuck e. cheese!


now don’t go getting the idea that i give into my child’s every whim ’cause i don’t. he comes up with some monster ideas at times like asking me to cook him eggs at 3 a.m. in the morning, or asking to go see his lolo (aka grandfather) first thing in the morning when we’re rushing out for daycare. but this particular time, i gave in. hey, i felt i owed the kid. he’s been asking to go to cheesey chucky’s for the past few weeks. i meant to take him during all of those days we were off during the Christmas season, but we kinda never made it.

so today was a day of loud children, probably the grossest pizza on the planet, tickets from games that don’t get you much in the way of prizes (we won 53 tickets which got us 5 tootsie rolls, and i’m the only one who eats them), screams of terror when chuck e. decided to pounce on the scene, and a thousand rides on the fire truck for dutch.

“hey, mama… i need more money for this thing!”

and yes, the realization that blackberry’s don’t take great motion pix.


6 thoughts on “he’s a wee obsessed with chuck e. cheese’s

  1. oh honey, we don’t do the ball crawl!! hahaha… actually, they didn’t even have one!!! i guess they’ve finally realized that nobody wanted to put their kids in it.

  2. Heeeey… Chuck E Cheese’s, where a kid can be a kid! Aww I used to LOVE Chuck. E. Cheese… well, actually it was Showbiz Pizza when I was really little… but I still loved it. Infested ball crawl and all…

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