the deadly nectarine

last week i bought all kinds of fruit: canteloupe, grapes, grapefruit, apples, oranges, nectarines… just all kinds of stuff to keep me snacking at work in a healthy way ’cause remember i’m on my way to fly-i-vity!! and not only that, i also like to send dutch fresh fruit to daycare instead of always packing those half-dead looking fruit cups. so friday, along with dutch’s lunch, i packed a nectarine. i figured it would be a challenge for his daycare provider eva to actually get him to eat the thing because my boy isn’t really into that new new type of fruit. he basically only likes things that he knows and he doesn’t know nectarines.

i packed the thing anyway.

then ten minutes before it was time for me to leave work for the day i got a call from eva’s home. my first thought was that something had happened to dutch because it was unusual for me to get a call from eva that close to the time i’m scheduled to pick him up, but it was eva’s oldest daughter calling to say that there had been an emergency. her mother had choked on something she had eaten, she couldn’t breathe and she was acting really strange. her daughter said that she and her brother had called 911 and they needed me to come get dutch as soon as possible.

needless to say, i was on my way.

i sped the entire way, praying the whole time that this woman would be okay. eva has a husband and three children, “and Lord, aside from her lovely family, it’d really be nice to have the same healthy daycare provider on monday that i dropped my son off to on friday.”

is it terrible that i was also praying nothing would terrible would happen to her because my son absolutely adores her, her family and the other kids that attend the daycare and i’d hate to find another place to take him? welp, if it is…too bad.

anyway, i pulled onto eva’s street and there was a rescue squad vehicle and a fire truck in front of her home. (why do fire trucks always arrive for stuff like this?) eva’s two daughters, her best friend, another parent and her child, and dutch were all standing in the doorway when i arrived and boy, was dutch excited. his eyes were gleaming with joy as he pointed out the big red fire truck to me.

i asked eva’s oldest daughter what was going on and she told me that eva had eaten a “nectar” and then she began choking. she said that the rescue folks thought that maybe she had had an allergic reaction…

to dutch’s nectarine.

eva’s best friend wasn’t buying it though. she said that she had seen eva eating a nectarine many times before so she knew for a fact that it couldn’t be that. she said she knew that eva was allergic to apples and bananas, but not nectarines. but the paramedics weren’t say much. so we all stood there just watching the truck until eva’s son jumped out of it and ran towards the house to give us an update. he said that she seemed to be doing okay, but that she had been given an iv because of her reaction to the nectarine. then right when dutch and i were getting in the car to head home, the rescue squad truck was pulling off to take eva to the hospital with her 16-year-old son sitting right in the front seat.

the next morning eva called to tell me she was fine. then she explained how she had cut a small piece of the nectarine and held it up to her mouth to show dutch that he should try some. she said she didn’t even eat a piece of the fruit, but that a small bit of juice from the nectarine went down her throat and when it did her throat started itching. she drank some water, but it didn’t help at all. next thing she knew, her throat was closing up and she could barely breathe. and not only that, her neck began to swell. she first told her children that she could drive herself to the hospital, but it’s a really good thing (i mean, praise the Lord) that her children called 911 instead because she probably would’ve died on the way there.

the doctor referred eva to an allergist to find out exactly what foods she’s allergic to, but one thing’s for sure, i’m leaving the deadly nectarines at home from now on.