i gave birth to bam bam

you see this bed?



my husband edell and i have one very, very similar. you know why i decided to post a picture of a bed similar to ours? because i wanted you to have an idea of what it looked like before dutch (aka bam bam the iron bar breaker) broke it. now how does a 2.5 year old break a freakin’ iron bed, you ask? well, apparently i gave birth to a child with extraordinary strength. i’m talking so extraordinary that he was able to detach four iron posts from their support. can i just mention here that these parts were welded together??

yes, i said welded.

see, our bed sits a little high off of the floor so it’s not the easiest thing in the world for our boy to climb on top so he uses the bars on the back of canopy for support. i noticed a few days ago that the bars were slowly moving further and further away from our mattress and i kindly asked dutch to stop mounting the bed that way and told him to use his step stool instead.

funny thing about toddlers. they don’t always remember things that they should do. now they always remember things they want to do (like gather 13 toys for bath time), but things they need to do (you know, to avoid injury, timeout, or a good ol’ butt whooppin’) they never seem to remember. like don’t stand on your push car to reach the television that sits all the way on top of your dresser to try to put shrek in the dvd player because you’re tired of watching the humpback of notre dame.

so basically what i’m saying is i had forgotten to warn him about climbing on our bed using the bottom rails on that particular evening and he did and now it’s broken. i mean, the bed is usable but it looks a little retarded with this huge iron piece missing.

not that i’m sweating the whole thing too much. i actually hate that bed. i’m talking absolute hate. it squeaks, it shakes… and my husband and i can be a little ghet sometimes with it by doing things like hanging our clothes on it when they’re fresh out of the dryer. or letting semi-wet clothing air dry on it. my husband uses it to hang his towel on after his morning shower. my hat collection adorns each of the four posts.

it’s a mess, it truly is. but i just wasn’t expecting the bed to go out like that. you know, piece by piece.

but of course, my boy knows how to give a great apology and i’m sure his sad little remorseful face will get him out of heaps of trouble (as a child and a grown man, i’m sure). as i was unscrewing the final two parts that sorta held the iron bar together, dutch said, “sorry i broke your bed, mama…”

i know, son, i know.

i’m just bracing myself for the next piece of furniture he eyes for destruction.


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