i’ve moved!!!!!! it’s official…

come check me out at [drumroll please]:



so it might take some time to get it looking all perfect and everything, but just a like your good girlfriend who invites you over to her new home even though most of her things are still in boxes and she hasn’t even taken the wine glasses out of the protective newspaper wrapping yet to offer you a sip of the only thing that’s in her fridge because, you know, she just moved in…i’m inviting you to come over to my new digs especially since i’m not sure just how long it’ll take me to get it as snazzy as i’ve dreamed it to be in my head. so come on over!!!

like right now.

don’t waste another second.

get going and see ya there!!

2 thoughts on “i’ve moved!!!!!! it’s official…

  1. Wow, everybody’s leaving WordPress in giant exodus. Why? Is it just to much of a hassle? Whatever…I’m coming over to see your new place!

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