picky grape eater

green grapes.

they’re pretty much a requirement in dutch’s school lunch. the same lunch that he eats every day. green grapes. peanut butter & jelly. peanut butter crackers. maybe pretzels. maybe carrot sticks. maybe a cookie or two. every day.

my child is a very, very picky eater. so picky that sending him to school with lunch money is really not an option because we knew he wouldn’t want anything in the cafeteria. in fact, one day he left his lunchbox in before care and his teacher was nice enough to buy him a peanut butter & jelly sandwich from the cafeteria (she thought his lunchbox was left at home). but dutch didn’t eat it because it didn’t look like the peanut butter & jelly sandwiches from home.


a couple weeks ago i went to the grocery store and the green grapes looked a mess so i picked up the red grapes instead. i mixed them with a few green grapes we had leftover and stuffed them into dutch’s lunchbox, but he didn’t eat them.

“i don’t like the purple grapes!!!”

yeah, yeah, yeah. i kinda figured that would be his response, but for a split second i thought that maybe, just maybe, if he wanted grapes bad enough he’d try the red grapes. but nope.

the next week. the green grapes looked great! and they were huge! i thought, oh, he’s going to love these!! but he didn’t. they came right back home in his lunchbox.

he explained, “i didn’t want those grapes because they were too big!”


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