boys & bumps & bruises…for real

little kids fall…a lot. they get bumps and bruises, cuts and scrapes. it’s just a part of their little lives, i guess. dutch is no different. the other day he was playing football in the living room. as if he’s supposed to be doing that anyway. he was running (in a space that’s not really big enough for running, mind you) when he fell and bumped the back of his ear…but not on his ear, his head…on the coffee table.

oh, there was blood and many tears. the cut wasn’t too big. about a half inch but it looked kinda deep. you know, i could see a little white meat. and y’all know about the white meat, right?

so i called his doctor’s office and the nurse told me that if it wasn’t in a place where i’d be worried about a scar then i should just put some neosporin and a band-aid on it.

cool. i had already pulled that stuff out anyway.

the following day i noticed there was still a little bit of swelling so dutch and i had a little conversation about it.

mama: ooooo, buddy, this looks swollen still. does it hurt?

dutch: yeah.

mama: was it hurting all day?

dutch: yeah, it was hurting in class and it was hurting in after care too.

mama: oh really?! [i’m getting a little concerned at this point.] well, maybe we need to go to the doctor.

dutch: no, mommy! it doesn’t hurt, really. ask me again. i’ll tell you that for real it doesn’t hurt.


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