santa? child please…

we don’t do santa. never have. dutch is 5 and we’ve always told him that Christmas is about the birth of Jesus. yes, we celebrate by decorating a Christmas tree and yes, we exchange gifts, but we’ve always told him that we buy his gifts.

but now he’s convinced otherwise. it seems one of his classmates has convinced him that there is indeed a santa claus. that santa will visit and leave toys, blah, blah, blah…

“he’s going to come down our chimney!”

i said, “ummmm, no, actually, he’s not. in fact, dutch, look at our fireplace, does it look like a man could fit in there?”

he looked at me and thought for a second and said, “santa could.”

my husband even jumped in and said, “buddy, we buy your gifts. there’s no such thing as santa.”

dutch still decided to believe his 5-year-old classmate over us. he said, “dad, there IS a santa…”

then my husband said, “look, i’m 32…”

that’s when i cut in and said, “uhhhhh, honey, actually, you’re not.”

my husband stood there and thought about it and dutch said, “yeah, dad, you’re 33.”

so i guess if dad doesn’t even know how old he is, he really must not know about santa.


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