the mean mommy

i’m sure we’ve all had moments when we’ve thought our moms are just plain ol’ mean. and silly me to think that i had somehow dodged the dreadful “mean” title. after all, for the last 5 years i’ve been the good mommy, but lately, not so much.

last night i was cooking and dutch wanted to help. he helped pour the orange marmalade and then he poured some water in a pot, but then i ran out of things for him to pour! when i told him i’d take it from there he got upset and told me i was mean.

dutch: you’re such a mean mommy! you think you’re a beautiful girl, but you’re really just a mean girl!

funny how he somehow equated mean with not so beautiful. i hope he remembers that when he starts dating.


dutch visits the library once a week at school and he usually picks the same types of books. either they’re about the military or football or pirates. he recently brought home a book about the marines and after we finished reading it I asked a few questions about the book.

mama: so where do the marines live, dutch?

dutch: at a place that has schools, and stores, and big buildings.

mama: okay, but what is it called? (mind you, the answer is a military base.)

dutch: georgetown?


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