apparently i’dda been on the bus

this morning dutch was flipping through a book about dr. martin luther king that he had gotten from his school library. he stopped and pointed to a picture of people on a bus and here’s the conversation that followed:

dutch: see, the brown people couldn’t get on the bus. me and daddy wouldn’t have been able to get on the bus but you would. [in the book the whites were illustrated on the bus while the blacks stood outside of the bus.]

mama: well, why do you think that?

dutch: you would because you’re white.

pump the brakes. my child thinks i’m white.

i guess that when he compares my skin color to his skin color then yes, i probably do seem a bit white. or peach as he usually calls me. it’s all good. i used to refer myself to peach as a kid too. it the crayola crayon color that i matched best.

lightskinnned. red bone. yellow girl. zebra. oreo. high yella. light bright. reds. i’ve been considered it all, but never white. and i definitely don’t think this high yella lightskinned red bone would’ve been able to pass back in the day.

so yes, we’re definitely in need of a skin color conversation, but not today. i just had four wisdom teeth pulled.


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