candace nelson :: the mother of all cupcakeries

all you need to say is two words to me — champagne and cupcakes — and i’m there! and such was the case last night when i attended a preview event at sprinkles, the latest cupcakery to land on dc. georgetown to be exact. the grand opening is tomorrow, march 3rd so get ready to swing by for a bit of deliciousness!

can i just say that this little one-hour adventure almost wrecked my whole diet?! woowee, thank goodness i exercised some self restraint in there!

anyway, just in case you think it was a totally nutty idea for sprinkle‘s owner candace nelson to open a cupcake bakery in g’town since it’s sorta georgetown cupcake‘s territory (and baked and wired‘s if you’re keeping track), well, think of it this way: no one complains when yet another shoe store moves to m street, right?

different flavors for different folks!

and you should also know that candace was the first (yes, that’s right…the first) person to open a bakery that sold cupcakes solely in the world! that was back in 2005. so candace knows her way around these neat and petite treats.

the top pic is of candace and the one at the bottom with the dog bone? doggie cupcakes!

and if you’re a true blue cupcake fan, then you’ve probably seen candace dole out her expertise as a judge on food network’s “cupcake wars.” she’s also been on “the today show,” “the tyra banks show,” “throwdown with bobby flay,” “regis & kelly” and yes, “oprah“!

candace and her husband charles opened the first sprinkles in beverly hills and they now own 11 bakeries across the country. they have plans to open several more all while parenting two little ones! they have a 3 and a half year old and a 3 month old. nobody could believe that candace, with her itty bitty self, not only bakes cupcakes all day and surely tastes the goods from time to time, but just had a baby recently.

she gets extra moxie points for that one.

and let me tell you, candace and charles are the nicest folk. they were such gracious hosts as they showed us around. and i’m not just saying that because candace taught us how to ice cupcakes and let us give it a whirl in the kitchen.








okay, so mine (below) didn’t exactly come out like masterpiece, but hey, i make no claims to baking as my talent.

a really cool thing about sprinkles is they have a room upstairs that you can rent for a party. it’s the perfect spot for a baby shower or bridal party.

so if you’re in the dc area, swing by sprinkles cupcakes! they make a darn good coconut cupcake, by the way, and offer a huge menu of flavors including the favored red velvet.

when you go, tell ’em niki sent you. i’m pretty sure they won’t know who the heck you’re talkin’ about, but hey, tell ’em anyway.


sprinkles cupcakes

3015 m street, nw

washington, dc 20007



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