michelle mckinney :: life a bit sweeter

niki: give me 3 words that best describe you.

michelle: transparent, creative, out-going


niki: tell me about your blog and why you decided to launch it?

michelle: our blog, life a bit sweeter, is about our journey to adopting a little girl from ethiopia. one of my amazing friends…umm…that would be you (mama’s got moxie) helped me to get it started. in fact, i believe you named the blog. it’s a place that i can transparently share about the roller coaster of emotions that go with international adoption. it’s also created an amazing community of friends for me.


niki: what’s the greatest thing about having a blog?

michelle: i get to be me! no one can edit or censor my thoughts. i get to share my life in a very raw sort of way. i talk about the adoption, our marriage, being a mama and trying to get my sexy back in the midst of all of the to do’s of life. my sexy is coming…i can feel it! ha ha ha!

the blog has also been great in helping to raise awareness about adoption. i think it’s great for people to consider adoption as a way of expanding their family. for each adopting family, it will be different. for me and tony, we felt that God had impressed upon us to adopt internationally and specifically from ethiopia. i’m excited about that region and investing my time and resources there even well beyond bringing our daughter home.

lastly, the blog has been great in helping to raise funds. adoption, especially international adoption is extremely costly. i’ve been able to tap into my creative side and created jewelry to sell on etsy. i would have never done that before. we’re about 75% finished funding our adoption, including our multiple required trips to ethiopia.

niki: who has the best bloggy style?

michelle: seriously…i love your blog about dutch. the style is funky and it’s hilarious! some of my other faves are the nester, whittaker woman (she has amazing family nights with her kids), comfy in the kitchen…i just love hospitality in the home.

it’s important to me that a blog look pleasing to the eye (i’m a visual kinda person) and that the content is fresh.


niki: what creative power do you wish you had?

michelle: i’d love to know how to do more with photoshop and be an amazing photographer in order to add more *umph* to my blog.

niki: best music (song/artist) to get your creative juices flowing?

michelle: seriously, i am like so all over the place with music. it really depends on what i’m posting about at the time. if i’m posting an inspirational piece, i may throw on some brooke fraser, jj heller, or israel houghton. now, if i’m talking about getting my sexy back, i’ll probably throw on elisabeth withers‘ “be with you.” i love a variety of gospel, contemporary christian, neo-soul, country, and r&b.


niki: any advice for new bloggers?

michelle: be you. don’t try to replicate anyone else’s style. also, decide early on how often you want to blog. to keep it fun for me, i try to blog maybe two-three times per week. i have lots of responsibilities so i don’t want this amazing outlet to ever feel like a chore. the day it becomes a chore, i’ll no longer have a reader base. they’ll read right through my forced writing.


find michelle:

life a bit sweeter

twitter – @michelle365


2 thoughts on “michelle mckinney :: life a bit sweeter

  1. Hi Michelle,

    We have just begun the process of adopting a little girl from Ethiopia. I was wondering how it’s going for you so far?

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