5 thangs :: yes, it’s very random

i surf the web…a lot! so i figured why not share some of my supa cool findings here with my “5 thangs.” so here goes.

1. sade’s ultimate collection is on sale now! [whoops!! it’s out may 3rd! enter “womp womp” here.] woohooooooo!! i guess i’ll have to order that because her concert tickets are a little out of a sista’s budget.

2. i recently discovered a dc area blogger over at the art of accessories who has some really good ideas on how to be cute and colorful in this nutty weather we’re experiencing.

spring, we’re looking for you, honey! feel free to show up and show out at any time now.

3. i’m now determined to bake this cake for somebody. i’d bake it for myself, but since i’m counting calories and trying to get my slim fit & sexy on i don’t think it’d be such a good idea. anyway, the cake was made by sweetapolita and i stalk her blog. stalk it. she bakes the most beautiful cakes.

4. and since i’m in a food mood, i was soooooo happy to come across this 30+ hacks for ramen noodles. come on, i know i’m not the only one who still buys them.

5. and lastly, this little baby girl made my heart smile because she is just gettin’ her worship on! love it.

and yes, i realize that was random as all get out, but hey, that’s just how my mind works sometimes!


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