i hate cooking but these stoves are hot!

my grandma had the cutest little vintage stove in her house when i was growing up. of course, back then it was just a stove. it wasn’t really a, oooooo, check out grandma’s stove kinda stove. it’s where we scrambled eggs together and i remember sitting near it for warmth in the winter because it was a gas stove and well, that’s what we did.

i recently found some pics of gorgeous stoves that are reminiscent of the one my grandma owned. i don’t exactly throw down in the kitchen, and in fact, it’s probably where i least like to be in my home, but i have to admit i got a little excited seeing these.

found on: sundayinbed.tumblr.com

found on:housebeautiful.com

found on: greenwellies.tumblr.com

found on: parisapartment.com

found on: vintageandchicblog.com


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