yeah…1st grade!!

1st grade. can’t you just see the joy on his face?

he was actually totally excited about his first day of 1st grade. what he wasn’t excited about was holding the green “speech bubble” i made five minutes before this picture was taken.

oh whatever.

so anyway, today he says to me…

“mom, you know if you make yourself invisible in class you will get in trouble and get sent to the principal’s office?”

yep, he came up with that one all on his own.


3 thoughts on “yeah…1st grade!!

  1. Hi Mrs Nicole,its me Sarah.I saw Cheetos picture and he looks very grown now.Please tell him I said hi and hope you guys doing well I also hope I can see him again.Well I need to go to sleep now,so goodnight and I miss you guys. Nighty

    Thank You for all the help you gave to my Mom. Me and my Mom really appreciate it. And your testimonial is very sweet as well. My Mom always has a smile on her face each time she opens her website especially when she sees her babies.I would like to thank you sooo very much.

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