think about it before jumpin’ the broom!

the idea to write “think about it before jumpin’ the broom!” all started after having a conversation with one of my girls. she mentioned that she and her man had been talking about marriage and i told her “that’s all fine and dandy and thangs, but before you say ‘i do’ we need to go out and have tea so i can run down 101 things you need to think about first.”

now i’m no expert at this marriage thing, but i’ve been married for a few years (7 to be exact) and about half my girlfriends are married so i’ve experienced, witnessed, or at least have heard quite a few things, you know?

girlfriend laughed and said she was looking forward to it, but the only thing was, i’d have to come up with 101 things first! so that night, just as a challenge to myself, i aimed to come up with a list of 101 things. and i did. because i’m determined.

i’m just not sure if i’m willing to share all 101 of them, but i’ll get into a big chunk of ’em.

now i’m not saying that any of these things should deter you from getting married. i’m just saying that before you run off to spend more than your bank account can even handle on a wedding gown and that lovely pair of christian louboutins you should consider a few things first.

look, we’re all different, and each woman has her own personal threshold of what she’s willing to deal with in her relationship with her man. what might be a major issue to you, may not be that big of a deal to me and vice versa. what i want to do is just give you a little food for thought, as cliché as that is. some points i write about may be serious, some may just be downright silly, but i’m just saying think about it. ain’t no harm in thinking, right?

now if you were hoping that i’d just spill all 101 things in this here post, well, i’m sorry to disappoint. it’s gonna be a lil’ series. so come back often and tell a friend.

oh, and girlfriend, i hope you’re listening. 😉



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