dutch & mama walk for autism speaks

on saturday dutch and i headed out bright and early to the national mall in dc to meet up with some friends for the autism speaks walk. we got down there around 8:40am-ish and our friends got there…well, just a little later (read: 9:40am-ish. we still love them though). after a while of waiting for them to arrive, dutch got a little concerned.

dutch: where are they, mommy?? (x 500)

mama: they’ll be here soon, buddy. (x 500)

i don’t think he believed me. in fact, he tried to talk me into leaving at one point. okay, at several points. when i told him we had to wait, he got a little antsy.

okay, a lot antsy. and then the super sillies kicked in…

and they were on full blast. and he insisted that i take like 50 million pictures of him in various poses.

this here is just a small sampling. trust me.

there was no stopping the sillies. or the picture taking requests.

he was karate chopping, dancing and the whole nine.

then our friends came and he tried to be all cool mr. smooth. because that’s what dutch does. at first anyway.

then it was time to get walkin’! i didn’t tell dutch how far we’d be walking. not that he gets “miles” anyway.

we walked 2.5 miles. i have to admit that i wanted to cheat at one point and cross a huge field, but the rest of our crew didn’t seem to be down with the idea. i was really ill-equipped for such a long walk. all i had was an apple.

it didn’t matter to dutch though. i think he rather enjoyed the walk.

especially walking on the wall that surrounds the national monument. backwards, of course.


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