2011 was the year of chevron, please leave it there.

Source: flickr.com via Erica on Pinterest


in 2011 (i know, i know, it was just days ago…) chevron was absolutely everyfreakinwhere. and personally, i’m just sick and tired of seeing it.

the zig zag print has been shown on everything imaginable: clothing, walls, shoes, shower curtains, dinnerware (although these plates are rather cute), furniture… i mean, really, it’s just become too much. it’s taking over birthday invitations, nurseries, bedding, jewelry. it has even seeped onto blog and website backgrounds and banners!! and i bet any amount of money that some fool out there got a daggone chevron tat in 2011. i just know they did.

i can’t remember the last time one simple pattern just took over our society. it’s insanity. please make it stop. kill the chevron.

i guess it could be worse. can you just imagine a paisley obsession?

oh goodness…


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