about this here blog…

so it’s a new year (yippeeeeee!!) and it’s time to be honest and upfront about things.

this blog is a mess.

when i first started off, mama’s got moxie was all about my son dutch. then i got a little caught up in the mom blogging circle and somehow landed on nablopomo. if you’re not familiar, nablopomo requires that you blog every day for a month. well, after a while i started blogging about all types of craziness just to keep up. i blogged about turducken and crazy christmas gifts. it got a little stupid, i can’t lie. and since those posts were so absolutely stupid i’ve since deleted them.

then i blogged about cool magazines i had discovered, things to do with your children around the dc area and other events, and the adventures in wacky jobs i had taken after dutch was born. and yep, you guessed it, deleted those too.

at one time i had a “if i were a rich girl” category where i blogged about fabulous clothing and shoes, and i decided to kinda reintroduce that last year by posting pictures of all kinds of beautiful things. i also started interviewing a bunch of my amazingly creative friends and featuring other women i admire. i figured with my editorial past and interviewing history it would be a good and interesting route to take, but that whole idea didn’t really pan out the way i had envisioned. i’ve done photography challenges and started a “things you should think about before you jump the broom” series that has a whole two entries. yep, at least two things you should think about!

the point is, this blog has been all over the place, and it’s mostly because i was trying to blog about things that i thought would interest other people when really i should’ve stuck with what interested me. somehow i fell into a pressure trap thinking i had to do a certain thing at a certain time and it was just all in my head. i even thought for a split second once about doing the whole “tuesday is book day,” “join me wednesday for shoe day!,” “looky here it’s friday…you know what that means…photography day!”

but that ain’t me.

so from now on if i decide to post a picture it’ll be because i like it, not because i’ve been challenged to do so or because it’s picture day. and if i share a magazine that’s cool  or a hot pair of shoes it’ll be just because i think it’s fly and not because i feel the need to fill up a particular category on a weekly basis.

it’s great to have a focus and to create posts in a scheduled manner to keep folks coming back, you know, if that’s your thing. but i’ve realized after four and a half years of blogging that that ain’t the thing for me. i’ll admit to being random. my interests are all over the place so i can’t say that this blog has a true focus. it’s more of a simple representation of me and what i’m diggin’ at the moment.

and yeah, i may not have trove of folks flocking to my blog on a daily basis to see what i’m talking about, but really, so what? i started off blogging as a creative outlet. a way to continue writing after leaving my journalism career and i should’ve stuck to that. but dangit if i didn’t allow myself to get all caught up.

but not anymore.


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