love in motion: karyll + baron

what better way to celebrate the month of love than featuring wedding videos? these aren’t your mama’s home videos that drag on and on forever with loads of boring tidbits. nope. the videos i’ve selected are well put together and filled with touching moments from all over displaying the love of two folks who decided to join together in wedded bliss!

unfortunately my husband and i don’t have one second of video from our 2004 wedding because our video guy didn’t show. so all we have is our memories of our wedding day and a ton of wacky photos that our scam artist photographer took. (my pop was able to salvage one of our wedding photos through photoshop and it sits on our mantle.) but looking at these videos brought back all the feelings of joy & happiness that i had on the day that i married my husband. good times indeed.

this first video was created by picture it perfect.

Karyll & Baron’s Wedding @ John U. Loyd Beach Park – Dania Beach, FL 11.12.11 from Picture It Perfect on Vimeo.

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