unbored in the dmv :: chocolate cake bake off? yes, please!

it’s almost spring!! yes, yes y’all!!! warmer weather. plenty of things to see and do. and dutch is finally breakin’ out of his “do we have to go out?!?” phase so it’s time to get up, get out and do something fun!

the first thing that’s going on my spring calendar is the makes-me-wanna shout chocolate layer cake baking challenge. not exactly a spring-y/outdoor-sy kinda thing to do, but listen, for 20 bucks you can eat chocolate cake and lots of it! hello!

there are 15 semi-finalists in the challenge and you will help choose a winner. can you think of a better way to spend a saturday? i double dog dare you to try!

aside from loving the idea of gorging myself on cake, i’m looking forward to going because i know one of the semi-finalists (karima is gonna take ’em down!!!) and one of the judges, ms. jc hayward of wusa9, is a former co-worker of mine. (check out her site if you have a chance, i assisted in putting it together and launched it last year.)

but anyhoo, wanna join in on the fun? here are the details…

saturday, march 24, 2012
2-4 pm
martha’s table (a portion of the proceeds will benefit martha’s table)
2114 14th street, nw
washington, dc

go to shoutbakingchallenge.com to purchase tickets today!


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