almost a year of housewifin’…

i never intended on being a housewife. not really too fond of the idea for myself actually. but so it goes, i was laid off from my job last october and since the job market absolutely sux here i am… unintentionally housewifin’.

yes, i just made that a verb.

washing and folding clothes all day. cleaning spots on the carpet. washing dishes that always seem to pile up in the sink. and in the dishwasher. cooking dinner midday. running errands. making sure my son’s practice football pants have pads in them and that his water bottle is filled and placed in the freezer for practice in the evenings.

it’s all making me just a wee bit crazy. can’t you tell?

actually, i just told a bit of a fib up there. you would think that since i’m home all day long that my home would be spotless, right? that dinner would be pipin’ hot when my little family comes busting through the door in the evenings. everything would be all neat and tidy and there wouldn’t be loads of clothes left on the couch that need folding. that beds would be made and the dog would be walked way before it was time for me to head out to pick my son up from summer camp (and yes, he’s in camp while i’m home and that’s a whole ‘nother story.) and honey, it was…in those first few months after i lost my job.

oh, i was on top of my game in the beginning! but now, i’ve lost steam. i’ve lost a little motivation. i’m frustrated. sometimes a little pissed off about my current state of joblessness.

see, when i first lost my job, i thought, wow! i get a break from the daily grind. the crazy, sometimes 2-hour commute that would give me anxieties ’cause i just don’t have the patience for all that nonsense. the endless meetings about meetings. the trying to figure out what to eat for lunch because i got tired of going to chipotle every day and whenever i packed my own lunch it was never that filling so i’d just blow my dough on fast food.

since i’d be home i figured, hey, i can catch up on some daytime tv. get my creative juices flowing and bang out some projects that i had rolling around in my mind for a while, but never had the time to finish. you know, like that book i started ten years ago, and all the paint projects i wanted to do. make some jewerly. sew some pillows for the couch. i could blog like every day! i thought, yeah, a couple months of some time off and i’ll be good!

but errrrrrr…it’s been a lil’ bit more than a couple months and it ain’t fun no more. who would’ve thunk that it would take this long to find a job? little naive ol’ me sure didn’t! and i’m not talking about finding my dream job. i’m talking about really, you’re not calling me back to answer your phones for you for a few dollars an hour ’cause that’s about where i am with it right now.

i mean, yeah, i’m applying for jobs in my editorial/social media/media & communications field but after all this time a sista is applying to all kinds of stuff. shoot, i’m looking to start painting automobiles in a minute. or learning how to lay some tile. drive a truck. walk a dog. something! and just how much are you paying over there at world market?

so until i find a gig, just about any gig, i’m here…housewifin’. as a matter of fact, i have an interview with a concrete company at 6pm so let me go so i can make up mind whether or not i should wear my timbs to this meeting.

ha! just kidding. about the timbs. not about the interview with the concrete company.



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