unemployment entertainment

the early part of my typical day goes a lil’ something like this:

get up, wake the child up, iron his clothes, make his lunch, walk the dog, take the child to summer camp, come home and get online to get it crackalackin’ with the job search (this can take as little as 30mins to a couple hours depending on what’s poppin’), clean a little, write/read/make earrings/take photos/dance around to videos on vh1 soul/etc., clean whatever needs to be cleaned…or not, then there’s this space (a small space, but still a space) of nothingness.

here’s how i fill it. i entertain myself by polishing my toes in funky colors and sometimes snapping a pic and posting it on instagram.

see, the key to keeping your sanity during unemployment is to keep busy. and keeping busy is my thing. and trust, there’s always something for me to do.

of course, i could sleep the day away because i really could use the sleep, and that’s another post, but i can count on one hand how many times i’ve indulged in taking a nap since i’ve been home. and even in those times the snooze didn’t last long ’cause our daggone dog with his super sonic hearing likes to bark whenever a blade of grass blows in the wind.

okay, that was an exaggeration but he does bark a lot.

so no time (or silence) for naps. i have things to do and toes to polish!


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