i will kill your yoga experience

i just saw this clip of ramona singer from housewives of new york doing yoga with her daughter, and as much as she drives me nuts on that show i have to admit that when it comes to yoga i’m just like her.

yep, sure am.


i tried yoga once. just once. and i’m quite sure i ruined the entire class for every single person there. i was just as chatty as ramona in the clip, yabbering on, complaining that i couldn’t do the moves. wondering (loudly) how EVERYONE in the class was able to do the moves but me. not that i should’ve been all that surprised. i can’t even touch my toes. well, i can but i have to bend my knees first.

so anyway, i’m pretty sure i was blowing everyone’s zen experience and the teacher probably wanted to kick me out. it was cool though, i had decided after the first five minutes or so that yoga would never be my thing. and if i do ever try it again, i promise all of you hardcore yogaheads that i will do it at home.


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