celebrating my 40eve

birthday niki d.

today is my 39th birthday.

39?!?! me??

geez louise!! how the heck did that happen??

birthday niki d.

don’t get me wrong, i’m not complaining. it’s a blessing to see another year. another day, period! and i thank the Lord for it and for all that i have in my life.

self-portrait niki d.

hey, my milkshake still brings my baby boy to the yard after 8 years of marriage, we have two wonderful children, i have the most awesome parents on the planet, my family is filled with some pretty cool characters… really, i have no complaints.

self-portrait niki d.

life has ups & downs & twists & turns & mess that doesn’t go the way you expected it to and expected things that don’t turn out quite the way you wished, but there’s a lesson in it all…a definite take away. for every little disappointment i had in my 38th year, i count it all joy (james 1:2-4).

i choose joy and i plan to rock out my 39th year, which i’ve lovingly dubbed my 40eve.

birthday niki d.

so here’s to another year, a press of the restart button, a new beginning at a new age…full of possibilities.




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