the hub’s kaijudo tackles bullying

october is anti-bullying month so on this last day of the month i figured, why not post about “kaijudo: rise of the duel masters“? this animated action-fantasy has a strong central anti-bullying message for kids ages 8 to 14.

kaijudo's ray

kaijudo’s ray

the show airs on the hub network saturdays at 2pm et/11am pt and centers around a character named ray (voiced by “party of five”‘s scott wolf) who summons creatures from other dimensions whenever he’s bullied.

i recently chatted with the show’s super cool head writers, andrew robinson and henry gilroy, to find out what they hope children will learn about dealing with bullies from watching the cartoon. after all, you don’t want your kid thinking it’s possible to call on super creatures if he/she’s being bullied, right?

the kids stand up for themselves

the kids stand up for themselves

henry jumped right in and explained, “the focus really isn’t so much on superpowers, but on friendship and your friends are obviously going to be your greatest allies against bullying because they don’t tolerate it. bullies usually pick on one kid and if somebody else speaks up, that bully stops. it’s really about problem solving.”

andrew added, “none of our human characters have super powers. they can be hurt and they are vulnerable, but there’s strength in numbers and there’s strength in friendships.

watch a clip from the cartoon and be sure to have your kids tune in for a little action adventure this saturday!


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