ready for nanowrimo!!

for the past few years i’ve noticed folks chatting on twitter about participating in nanowrimo (national novel writing month), and this year i’ve decided to jump into the madness of it all. yep, i plan on completing a 50,000 freakin’ word novel in a month.

*gasping* and holding my cheeks like that home alone kid.

and it starts…TODAY, y’all. to-day.

back when i first started this blog i did nablopomo where you had to post daily for the month of november and that was a challenge, so this here… woowee, i already know it’s gonna be a major pain in my pinky toe at times. but i know i can do it!!! after all, i’ve been saying for years that i want to write a book. and you know, i’m in between job situations so a sista ain’t got nothin’ but time.

and hello, it’s not like i’ve never tried this before. oh yeah, honey, i started a novel back in 2002. never finished it, but i got half-way through. it was a hot mess too. a half-done, piece of hotmessedness that i put time and effort into. i’ll even let you in on a little secret, i had the audacity to pass that thing along to an associate of mine at a publishing house in new york. she must’ve thought i was absolutely nuts. i cringed over my words a few months ago when i decided to go back and read it.


and i expect to cringe a little more through this new experience, but for totally different reasons. it’ll be more like a stressed-out-wanting-to-kick-myself-in-the-derriere-but-instead-i’m-too-busy-balling-myself-up-sucking-my-thumb-in-a-corner kinda cringe.

in fact, i expect to feel a lot like this guy, malik williams. i found his hilarious videos on vimeo where he talks about the insanity of participating in nanowrimo two years ago.

NaNoWriMo – Day 2 from Malik Williams on Vimeo.

malik, where are you?!! i’m dying to know who was at the door!! 🙂

the end approaches… from Malik Williams on Vimeo.

anyway, onward & forward!! come on, nanowrimo’ers, let’s get it!!


2 thoughts on “ready for nanowrimo!!

  1. I wish I was dedicated enough to write a book in a month. This month I just going to try and get into the habit of posting everyday. So far not so good since I am already behind one day lol!

    Good luck, I’m rooting for you!

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