73 ideas to get your craft-y Christmas crack-a-lackin’!

it’s that time of year again when my hands get itchy and my head starts swirling with ideas of stuff to make for folks in my family for Christmas. i’ve handcrafted gifts for years (typically ’cause i’m broke) and every year it’s something new. last year i made jewelry and bath scrubs. one year i made cookies (tons and tons of daggone cookies that i called “dutch’s dozen”), one year it was painted goods and paper mache things, then there was the year i handmade books and another when i made soaps. it’s something i enjoy doing, although i’m not always sure how well my handmade goods will go over on the receiving end. haha!!

throughout the years i’ve always come up with my own ideas, but geesh, who needs to do that anymore with the internet?? and with pinterest? geez louise, i never need to come up with an idea of my own again!

i jest.

but listen, if you’re interested in handmaking a few gifts this Christmas season, i’ve found some really cool and mostly pretty easy diy tutorials to get you rockin’ & rollin’. these are the ones that have piqued my curiosity. a lot of them, as i mentioned before, i’ve done before but there’s always a different way to do a thing so i’m always open for new ideas!

{goodies for the bod}

pumpkin spice lipgloss

pumpkin spice lipgloss via henry happened

1. brown sugar and almond sugar scrub by crosbie crew.

2. sweet orange scrub by deliciously organized

3. coconut and rose scrub by the beauty department

4. sugar scrub cubes by craft gossip

5. coconut lotion bars by coconut oil

6. citrus honey scotch ale soap by offbeat and inspired

7. black raspberry soap by these moments of mine

8. pumpkin spice lipgloss by henry happened

9. mint chocolate lip gloss by food plus words

10. vintage image transfer soaps by ruffled blog

{for those who love sweet treats}

soft caramels via intimate weddings

everyone loves sweets, right? so get in the kitchen and get ‘er done! my plan this year is to make caramels. i sure hope they come out tasty! if you’re ready to jump in the kitchen too, check out these recipes.

11. salted whiskey caramels by so how’s it taste

12. demerara caramels by hungry girl porvida

13. soft caramels by intimate weddings

14. english toffee by daydream kitchen

15. caramel apples by serious eats

{take note. for the writers & jotters & doodlers in your life}

stab bound journal

stab bound journal via how did you make this

16. embroidered journal by the plumed nest

17. stab bound journal by how did you make this

18. mini notebook by creme de la craft

19. chalkboard journals by number 2 pencil

20. mini coloring books with washi tape by little monster baby

{help them keep their place with these bookmarks}

geometric felt bookmarks via how about orange

21. lacing bookmarks by handmade charlotte

22. toddler art bookmarks by small friendly

23. instagram photo strip bookmark by blush and jelly

24. geometric felt bookmarks by how about orange

25. pom pom bookmark by design mom

{for the little ones}

stick horse diy

stick horse diy via light blue grey

26. superhero matching game by these moments of mine

27. felt fishing game by real purdy

28. wooden latch board by domesticesq

29. handmade paper dolls by handmade charlotte

30. portable canvas checkerboard by martha stewart

31. felted finger puppets by martha stewart

32. felt cookies with frosting by the mother huddle

33. stick horse tutorial by light blue grey

34. fabric fridge letters by spearmint baby

35. crayon organizer roll by taking time to create

36. shark hoodie towel by just crafty enough

37. kids patchwork messenger bag by sew mama sew

38. sparkle pencils by ay handcraft

39. lego terrarium by canadian family

40. felted rock monsters by creativity in pieces

{for the ladies…}

wooden color block bangles

wooden color block bangles via warm hot chocolate

41. geometric beaded bracelets by lines across

42. wooden colorblock bangles by warm hot chocolate

43. studded leather clutch by elemental carbon

44. patchwork clutch by pippa patchwork

45. easy envelope clutch by craftsy

46. geometric tile statement necklace by confetti pop

47. wooden bead necklace by real purdy

48. bohemian beaded headpiece by shine trim ny

49. patterned denim headbands by the first lime

50. geo hairpins by oh crafts

{for their cup o’ joe – or tea!}

hand painted teacups

hand painted teacups via curious and catcat

51. latte gift set by kelli murray

52. handpainted teacups by drawings under the table

53. foxy painted teacups by the poopers

54. painted mugs using porcelain pens by curious and catcat

55. sharpie decorated mugs by craft pond

{fun home stuff}

painted baskets diy

painted baskets via the marion house book

56. cork planters for the fridge by upcycle that

57. marbleized drink coasters by lacquer and linen

58. laced cement votives by say yes to hoboken

59. vibrant painted baskets by the marion house book

60. rope vases by style me pretty

61. opaque striped vases by ruffled blog

62. gold leaf paper mache bowls by kelli murray

63. porcelain pen plates by twigg studios

64. gum drop pillows by amy butler design

65. tea tin container magnets by martha stewart

{he probably would prefer something store bought, but oh well…}

bowtie diy

bowtie diy via a beautiful mess

66. clip on bowtie by a beautiful mess

67. monogrammed metal collar stays by shrimp salad circus

68. his very own popcorn tin by martha stewart

69. travel collage by martha stewart

70. amaretto-soaked white chocolate cherries by formal fringe

71. wooden beer caddy by man made daily

72. caramel rolls by a good appetite

73. tripod camping stool by design sponge


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