goodbye 2012!!

wishing you all a blessed and prosperous and joyful and fun and lively and humorous (so good that your bellyaches) and peaceful and loving new year!!


2012 was an interesting year for me. at times it sucked. and when it sucked, i mean, it really, really sucked. the worst part of it was losing my uncle tony. but i have peace with his passing knowing that he’s not in pain anymore or worried about his blood pressure or any other health issue he was dealing with.  but i sure do love him and miss hearing his voice. seeing his silly grin.


when i think about it there were quite a few good moments in 2012 too. it’s so easy to dwell on all the bad that occurs in your life and not have gratitude for all the good. i mean, dang, every day ain’t bad, right?  so the good: my relationship with my husband has grown by leaps and bounds, my child is healthy and happy and it’s been a blast following him in sports (basketball and football and now basketball again) this year. we went on a family vacation to ft. lauderdale this year, which hasn’t happened in like…forever! quite a few friends turned the big 4-0 and we celebrated a couple 6-0’s in the family too so there were a few parties here and there. and how can i forget?? my mama has found herself a “friend,” honey. i’m just as pleased as punch about that one!!

with all that said, i’m still ready to sweep ol’ 2012 out the door and usher in this new year. i’m praying it’s a good one!


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