me?? in charge of wedding planning??

why, yes!! apparently, if you put together your own wedding in less than a year and it went off without any major catastrophes occurring throughout the day you are then qualified to coordinate/plan a wedding for someone else.

oh my!!

my younger cousin became engaged last year and she asked yours truly to plan the wedding. exciting, right? well, they first planned to wed in 2014, but these two little, lovely lovebirds decided to bump the date up by a whole daggone year!

what?!? who does that??

i’ll tell you who. two folks who really, really, really want to be married…like now! so a sista is feelin’ just a wee bit frazzled since the whole shindig has fallen in my lap and i’m like wholly responsible for the biggest day in the lives of these two people. and oh, did i mention they want a june wedding? you realize that’s like six months away, right? yep, six whole months.

pressured much?

so far the venue has been chosen *whew*, the menu has been decided (thankfully, the groom-to-be has a chef in his family), the colors have been picked (coral and gray…nice, right?), the list of 133 guests lovingly recorded, and for the most part the budget has been all figured out.

coral gray wedding palette

{1} jenny cookies {2} bridal musings {3} one wed {4} wedding chicks {5} inspired by this

with my inspiration palette in mind (and here on my blog to gawk at when i need a creative jolt) and crazy ideas swirling in my head, i’m hoping that the pieces fall into place and it all turns out wonderful and beautiful with rainbows and unicorns on their special day.

anybody know where i can rent a unicorn?


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