5 sweet thangs i want but can’t have

if i could, i would, but i can’t so i’ll post.

here are 5 things i’d love to be eating right now instead of sippin’ water and eating a banana while acting like it’s a pineapple soda and laffy taffy.

coconut cake

via momofukufor2

see this right here. this is my absolute FAVE!! you hear me?? MY FAVE!!!! and i know you’re not supposed to deprive yourself of your favorites when living a healthier lifestyle, but you just don’t understand how hard i would go on this coconut cake with coconut swiss meringue buttercream.

yep, all that.

it wouldn’t even be right. in fact, let’s get on with the next thing before i get tempted to run out and purchase the ingredients.


creme brulee ice cream

via cafe johnsonia

and here comes another fave taken to a whole ‘nother level. get this, creme brulee ICE CREAM!!! now i’m sure that lindsey over at cafe johnsonia isn’t the first who’s ever done it and i’m sure there’s been plenty since (this post was published in 2007), but she sure takes a pretty picture. don’t you just wanna lick the screen right now?

i do.



dark chocolate lace cookiesvia my jerusalem kitchen

ummmmmm…YUM!!!! i love a thin crispy cookie. forget those soft, gooey things. i like my cookie with a crunch. and these dark chocolate almond & orange lace cookies to me look like they are right down my cookie alley. yep-per!!


toffee vanilla bean bundt cakevia week of menus

see this beauty? it’s a toffee vanilla bean bundt cake with caramel glaze and sea salt. i won’t pretend like i’ve ever had anything even similar to this cake, but just the name of it has me reaching for a fork. i didn’t even need to see a pic. but ohhhhhhh, the pic. that beautiful caramel glaze…

maybe i really don’t wanna be fit. maybe i should just toffee vanilla bean bundt cakes with caramel glaze and sea salt my life away.

yeah, i’m trippin’.

last but not least…


salty chocolate chunk cookiesvia bon appetit

now you know life ain’t quite right without a chocolate chip cookie around every now and then. these here are salty chocolate chunk cookies. see, those crumbs up there? that means they’re crunchy, just like i like ’em.


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