he wants me to procreate

it’s august?! already?? geesh, the time is whizzing on by. new month = new thangs. first thang up, to get my butt back on track with this blog. i follow awesomely luvvie on instagram and she issued a challenge to bloggy types to post every day for the month of august. perfect! i likes a challenge. so here goes.

dutch has always come up with suggestions for me: “mom, you should cut your hair,” “mom, you should buy hot buns,” “mom, you need to exercise,” “mom, you should get a job at my school library,” “look mom, the gas station is hiring, don’t you need a job?”

his life coaching lessons are endless, but his latest suggestion just took the whole entire cake of cakes.

mama's got moxie

just the other day we were riding home from a little trip to baskin robbins because i needed a scoop of jamoca almond fudge to brighten my day and here’s how our conversation went…

dutch: mom, do you know what procreate means?

mama: (cringing more than a little bit…) yes.

oh…here we go. the “where do babies come from” talk. i was panicking on the inside because i’m just not ready for the procreation convo with my almost 8-year-old child, especially when my husband isn’t present.

dutch: good. can you please go procreate because i really want to have a little brother or sister.

good?!? did this child just say “good”?? like we’re on the same page of understanding? as if he already knows and is just checking to make sure i know? and who on earth says, “go procreate??” who is this child? where did he come from? like, really, where they do that at? oh, but he’s not done yet.

dutch: there was a woman in the Bible who prayed about procreating and she had a baby so can you do that?

wait. what? he wants me to pray on it?

mama: huh? who told you that?

dutch: i learned it in sunday school.

i pulled the car into a parking space and we got out to head into our home. i was walking ahead of dutch, but he stopped for a sec on the sidewalk and said…

“mom, you deserve to procreate.”

8 thoughts on “he wants me to procreate

  1. LMBO that is to funny! My son is four and he recently told me that he was no longer a baby and I needed to get a new one. When I asked from where he said I could use our friends baby or go to the store cause they have lots! Lol

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