love never fails by kent youngstrom

i have to admit that there have been times where i have spent a ridiculous amount of time on pinterest. now don’t get me wrong, i’m not on it daily or even once a week most weeks, but when i’m on it, i’m ON IT, ya heard? like a freakin’ pin binge.

it’s sick really. i’m finding recipes i’ll never cook and craft-y stuff i’ll probably never make, but there’s just something about collecting those pictures. strangely addictive.

but if it were not for one of those pin binges i would have probably never run across kent youngstrom and his awesome artwork. and by the way, kent pins too.

this is the first piece i stumbled across…

loveneverfailsfabso simple, right?? but so wonderfully fabulous all at the same time. i neeeeeeed this now. a bit dramatic, but i’d like to have it a whole, whole lot. the thing is it was selling on and as of this post is all sold out. bummer.

but alas, kent is an artist and offers a whole array of work. here are a few of my faves. if you’re stumped on Christmas gifts, give the gift of art!

kent4kent1 kent2 kent3kent5i can’t lie. his work has more than inspired me to pick up a brush and some paint and get busy again. painting is definitely one of my favorite things to do.


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