leggings for days

the great debate…are leggings pants? why of course they are!! i don’t care what anyone says, i love my leggings and yes, i wear them as pants because how the heck else are you supposed to wear them? my rule of thumb when it comes to style and fashion and how you so choose to dress your bod…do you. if you’re comfortable in it then that’s all that really matters. i mean, you might become the butt of someone’s joke on twitter/facebook/instagram if the masses feel you’ve got it all wrong, but hey, yolo.

black milk has a slick assortment of leggings to choose from so go ‘head, catch the Christmas dream wishlist wave.

GalaxyPurpleLegs-Joss_1-WEB_1024x1024purple galaxy

JellyfishPinkLegs_02_1024x1024pink jellyfish

king-tut-leggings-1369789821_1024x1024king tut


lilly-monet-blue-1369790836_1024x1024monet lilies


SW0026Artoo_ThreepioLeggings_02_1024x1024artoo threepio


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