create an art gallery for your child

i’m sure the very last thing on your child’s Christmas list is art. in fact, it’s not there at all. i know, i know. but beau chic print shop has some pretty cool prints that i think would fit nicely in any child’s room.

this lion is my favorite of them all!

lionnamedparkerlimited edition “lion named parker” print, $19

dreambigdream big little one, $11

thinkandwonderthink and wonder, $11

tothemooni love  you to the moon, $11

youaremysunshineyou are my sunshine, $11.¬† i think this one is pretty special too! i remember singing this song to dutch in the hospital after he was born. awwwwwww!!! haha…





forget bling, get some sparkle

so you want some bling, some shine, some ooooooo la la, but your pockets are screaming no, no, no?? how about settling for just a little sparkle? for now. and i’m imagining that if you’re a little stressed at this time of year (or know someone who is), banging on this baby will relieve a bit of tension.

crack me open geode by chaparral studio.

sparkleswould make a great stocking stuffer, no?

love never fails by kent youngstrom

i have to admit that there have been times where i have spent a ridiculous amount of time on pinterest. now don’t get me wrong, i’m not on it daily or even once a week most weeks, but when i’m on it, i’m ON IT, ya heard? like a freakin’ pin binge.

it’s sick really. i’m finding recipes i’ll never cook and craft-y stuff i’ll probably never make, but there’s just something about collecting those pictures. strangely addictive.

but if it were not for one of those pin binges i would have probably never run across kent youngstrom and his awesome artwork. and by the way, kent pins too.

this is the first piece i stumbled across…

loveneverfailsfabso simple, right?? but so wonderfully fabulous all at the same time. i neeeeeeed this now. a bit dramatic, but i’d like to have it a whole, whole lot. the thing is it was selling on and as of this post is all sold out. bummer.

but alas, kent is an artist and offers a whole array of work. here are a few of my faves. if you’re stumped on Christmas gifts, give the gift of art!

kent4kent1 kent2 kent3kent5i can’t lie. his work has more than inspired me to pick up a brush and some paint and get busy again. painting is definitely one of my favorite things to do.