5 bedding picks from anthro

i love anthro‘s bedding!

remember when i mentioned that i haven’t done much decorating? well, my bedroom style/design is definitely lacking. there are really no decorative elements in there at all. so if i were to get started on a styling kick in my bedroom i’d start with one of these bad boys.

anthropologie bedding

{1} keo bedding {2} amora bedding {3} kitami bedding {4} fleeting moments bedding {5} pilar bedding



sorta jungalow-ish, but not really

yesterday i mentioned justina blakeney’s jungalow style and whether or not it’s the style for me. truth is, i already have quite a few jungalow-ish things going on at my place, but i have to admit my home style is more influenced by my mom than anyone else.

orange painted wall

my little family and i have been at our place for about three years now and i haven’t gone into full-on deco mode yet. i have a few pieces here and there (mostly in our living room area) that really represent my style, but the rest of our home is pretty void of any… well, of anything! my husband and i have a totally different aesthetic (unfortunately!!!) so a lot of things i’d love to do i’m sure he’d hate.

*le sigh.*

we have one orange painted wall in our living room that was actually supposed to be a brazil nut color. the orange color was originally supposed to be in the dining room but there was a miscommunication on my plans for the wall and well, the husband got the colors mixed up and painted this wall orange. the dining room never got a paint job at all.

the paint can is still in our closet. does paint go bad?

and i don’t even want to talk about all of the artwork i have that has gone un-hung. i honestly don’t know what the heck i’m waiting for. for a number of reasons i just haven’t been inspired, i suppose.


anyhoo, there are dots of style sprinkled here and there. this cute little three-legged stool is one of my favorite pieces. we bought it while we were on our honeymoon in cabo san lucas many moons ago. i saw a diy project on design sponge a couple years ago on making camping stools similar to this if you wanna have a go at creating your own.

crate and barrel vases

our fireplace mantel is one of the places i like to play around with when it comes to changing the look of things. the husband and i have debated on what should go here to! in fact, one time i put it all together with photos and vases only to have him come home, take everything off, change it around just to put it back the way i had it originally.

so here’s a piece of what’s going on with it now. the vases are from crate & barrel. don’t go looking for them though, they’re pretty old. and the cute lil’ face in the pic belongs to my stepson who will be the big 1-8 this month!


throw pillows from pier 1. i just love the colors on these two. so vibrant!


a small trunk plays the role of a side table in our living room and houses a ridiculous amount of dvds. nothing like a cute little number that doubles as storage space! the wooden box on top once had the most beautiful and creative floral arrangement by jane carroll inside. the box was just too adorable to toss!


tapestries from urban outfitters. again, i bought these things eons ago, but uo has got a pretty cool collection of them still. i’ve used these on my couch, on the bed…very versatile!

how would you describe your home’s style? do you have free reign over how it looks or do you and your significant other make the decisions together?

i wanna swing!!

apparently there’s been a trend of indoor swings that i totally missed! probably because no one i know has a swing in their home. but boy, do i love the idea of it! kinda fly.





i think the last one is my fave. seems that it would be a bit more comfy on the buttocks.

justina blakeney’s love fort

or as i like to call it, the love hut! how freakin’ cute is this thing? i discovered designer/decorator/author justina’s fabulous blog just in time for valentine’s day. her love fort was featured on design sponge last year and comes complete with directions. it seems pretty simple to put together as long as you have the space to create it, which i don’t. maybe a mini love hut?

justina also designed a super cute printable valentine’s day card that you can print from her site, check it out here.

i love everything about the swedish waterfront home of interior designer marie olsson nylander. the story goes that marie and her husband visited this home several times before deciding to purchase it. after making the big buy, the couple reconditioned every inch of the 70s built home. and what an amazing home it is! see the video that follows where marie talks about her home.


via freshome

the amazing home of marie olsson nylander