banks :: this is what it feels like

i just love this song. that is all.



hopeless? not quite

sexy and strappy, hopeless lingerie is designed and handmade in melbourne, australia by gabrielle adamidis. victoria’s what? child, please.

the hopeless lingerie studio offers a wide array of pieces from bodysuits to suspenders and harnesses to bras, bralettes and knickers. go on and get yo’ sexy back, ma.

evaharnessfronteva harness

dionneknickersfrontdionne strap knickers

dionneknickersbackdionne knickers (back)

suzybralettesuzy bralette

carrieknickerscarrie knickers

christinaknickerschristina knickers

suzybraletteblacksuzy bralette cage frame

suzybraletteblackbacksuzy bralette (back)

bag it

could it be that the handbag, clutch, purse, pocketbook (pockey-book) is the most important accessory in a woman’s wardrobe? i think so. the badder the better and cleobella has an amazing collection whether you need just a little something to carry your dough and necessary cards or if you need a bag big enough to toss your life inside, they’ve got the goods.


August_clutch_black_1_largeaugust clutch, $246



emerson fringe, $412


Mahala_Clutch_Black_1_largemahala clutch, $448


Serene_sitting_largeserene hobo, $347

Willow_tote_Vintage_bronze_3_largewillow tote, $481


leggings for days

the great debate…are leggings pants? why of course they are!! i don’t care what anyone says, i love my leggings and yes, i wear them as pants because how the heck else are you supposed to wear them? my rule of thumb when it comes to style and fashion and how you so choose to dress your bod…do you. if you’re comfortable in it then that’s all that really matters. i mean, you might become the butt of someone’s joke on twitter/facebook/instagram if the masses feel you’ve got it all wrong, but hey, yolo.

black milk has a slick assortment of leggings to choose from so go ‘head, catch the Christmas dream wishlist wave.

GalaxyPurpleLegs-Joss_1-WEB_1024x1024purple galaxy

JellyfishPinkLegs_02_1024x1024pink jellyfish

king-tut-leggings-1369789821_1024x1024king tut


lilly-monet-blue-1369790836_1024x1024monet lilies


SW0026Artoo_ThreepioLeggings_02_1024x1024artoo threepio

create an art gallery for your child

i’m sure the very last thing on your child’s Christmas list is art. in fact, it’s not there at all. i know, i know. but beau chic print shop has some pretty cool prints that i think would fit nicely in any child’s room.

this lion is my favorite of them all!

lionnamedparkerlimited edition “lion named parker” print, $19

dreambigdream big little one, $11

thinkandwonderthink and wonder, $11

tothemooni love  you to the moon, $11

youaremysunshineyou are my sunshine, $11.¬† i think this one is pretty special too! i remember singing this song to dutch in the hospital after he was born. awwwwwww!!! haha…




give a little love inspiration

i’ve been following black and married with kids‘ online and in social media for years. their website is chock full of good information and stories related to black marriage and families. if you’ve done the good deed by jumping the broom, you know how it is. you’ve said the vows, had the party, things are good and then you get to a space where you just plain ol’ don’t know what’s going on with your communication, you’re in a rut and you just can’t figure out how to get things on track again. well, bmwk has produced a few films that are focused on uplifting and inspiring folks to stay the course in marriage and commit to their spouses and children. there’s nothing like knowing someone else understands what you’re going through and got over it.

the black family 4-pack dvd package is now being offered at a discount ($60!) and includes: happily ever after: a positive image of black marriage, you saved me, men ain’t boys and still standing!

blackmarriedwkidsfilmshappily ever after: a positive image of black marriage takes a look at black marriage from inside and outside of the community.

you saved me is a collection of love stories that speak to marital challenges and triumphs.

still standing features kindred the family soul, arrested development’s speech, yolanda thomas and more and shows couples conversing on how they made it through when others have failed.

men ain’t boys offers a look at issues such as stereotypes surrounding manhood, the results of effective fatherhood and the requirements for maintaining lasting love, relationships and marriages.

also, in early 2014 bmwk is offering new year, new marriage, a dvd and workbook set that couples can use at home to strengthen their marriages.